Should the funding for cancer research be increased?

  • Yes it should!

    America puts a lot of money into helping others. However the one thing that not a lot of money is being put into is cancer research. If we found a cure to cancer we would be helping people for a really long time Which in the end would be more worthwhile than helping a country for a couple months or a year. A cure to cancer would be more worthwhile and more money worthy.

  • Save a Life

    Increasing funding for cancer research can help save a life and answer many questions that we all have about cancer. So many people are effected by cancer every single day and I think that we could all play a part in helping to figure out cures and ways to prevent it.

  • Equality is the key

    Yes, it would benefit a lot of people worldwide, but how many people are disadvantaged by the increased funds. Where would the increased funds be plucked from? Increases in TAX and other government payments would impact the lives of a person who cannot afford to get by as it is. If it was to happen, it'd be a very expensive cure, so who would be able to use it? Only the elite? Only those in developed countries? We are forgetting about the minorities.

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