• Yes, this is always an issue.

    Although women have stood up for their rights in their personal lives as well as in the work place, violence against women always has been and continues to be a major issue. So while feminism certainly needs to fight for rights on all levels, violence against women still needs to be a big item of concern.

  • Yes, feminism should focus on violence.

    I think that the future of feminism should focus on issues regarding violence against women. I think that some feminists lose track on some issues that are more important than others. Even though I do not believe in the feminism movement, I think that they can still help some people.

  • There is too much.

    Yes, the future of feminism should focus on issues like violence against women, because violence against women is still something that happens far too often in this society. As far as the women have come, it is still far too tolerable for a man or a woman to hit a woman.

  • Considering women are actually the safest demographic in society...?

    Violence in general, against anyone, should be discouraged. It is illegal, and prosecuted. As a society, the general and overwhelming reaction to violence against women is disgust.

    More than that, if you look at the numbers with respect to victims of violence, being a woman is being in the safest societal demographic on most counts, and overwhelmingly when considering assault overall.

    I would prefer to stick to an idea of equality, and looking at problems we can solve on the whole. So, the idea of a movement focusing on this one thing is kind of odd anyhow.

  • No, feminism should focus on violence against children.

    Feminism refuses to acknowledge any part of what they themselves own.
    Violence against young children happens mostly at the hands of mothers. So, Maybe true feminist should focus on the part of violence that they are responsible for first and deal with that. Why is it the way of the feminist to always attack the other side first with out cleaning up their own backyard first.?

    Posted by: zoo
  • No Focus In Violence

    I personally think those who support feminism need to step back and look at what they're fighting for. As a woman, I feel I have the same rights and opportunities as my male peers. I've never been in a position where I was paid less simply because I was woman. Feminism essentially stole my right to raise my children before I was even born. I understand why some women fought for these rights, but I can't say I support the end result. Women are violent against men, maybe just about as much as men are violent towards women. Is this really an issue that feminism needs to focus on? No, they don't. We have many men sitting in jail and listed on sex offender registries that were falsely accused. We have women who cry sexual assault when they don't get their way. We have other women who try to sue workplaces over sexual harassment, that didn't even really happen. What are you going to fight for? More injustices? Power that supersedes that of men? I'm not sure what more women could possibly want.

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