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  • They shouldn't bother forcing a fix to an issue they can't solve.

    According to third wave feminists, the root of the gender pay gap when looking at employees a. At the same position and b. In the same field or line of work stems mostly from discrimination. Unfortunately that is a leap of logic unsupported by statistics and studies. Yes, there is a pay gap, but couldn't it just be that women choose to take jobs that allow more flexibility for their personal and family life, or focus on humanitarian or "caring" objectives rather than higher paying high status but far more stressful occupations? Feminists often complain that there aren't enough women in physics or engineering or finance or management, and yet most of these feminists choose to go to university for women's studies or psychology degrees.

    The best thing Western third wave feminism can and should do is focus on the massive REAL inequality going on in places like the Middle East and South Asia, where women have it much worse and have very few places to turn to when they are faced with REAL state instituted oppression. But no, instead they'll just complain on Twitter and Tumblr that male privilege in the West is why they can't join the front line army without passing mandatory physical tests.

  • The pay gap is a losing issue

    The pay gap is a losing issue for feminists. It's an issue where both sides can easily spin the available statistics and find completely opposite conclusions that leads to confusion and inaction.

    A far better issue to fight on is the minimum wage. It's much harder to spin and much easier to explain. The majority of minimum wage earners are women, so the benefit for feminists is obvious. But it also helps out a large number of men, which makes the issue more egalitarian and more politically feasible to actually get implemented.

  • Feminism Needs To Take A Break

    As a woman, I feel like feminism needs to take a break. I think strides have been made and I think women are equal in many ways, but I think this push for equality is hurting families and in the end, it is hurting women. I want to raise my children, as a woman, I've nearly lost this right thanks to all the other women who wanted to run away from home to find success in some meaningless career. We need to stop and think about what we're doing before we worry about furthering feminism in the future.

  • Rape cases was increasing instead of decreasing.

    Rape cases increase because of women becoming more sexually attractive by wearing immodest clothes. In the future all types of deterrence will not work including hell because of women's immodesty. Feminists don't care how women immodest are, they just want to increase the penalty against male violators. The born of the immodest culture was the rise of the rape culture. The fuel of the rape culture. Maybe only apocalypse will lead this to an end. High-heels and leggings were originally wear by men and stop, and women start and apocalypse will only stop them.
    The future is getting worst and only apocalypse can stop.

  • Feminism should focus on unequal treatment of women in third world nations.

    Pay inequality is not evidence of unequal treatment or an issue of treating genders differently. The true threat to women are the spread of misogynistic religions and cultures in the third world which oppress women, deny them voting rights, and blame them for domestic abuse and rape. Feminist groups need to stand up to multicultural quietists who deny basic rights to women in other nations. A world where women have equal rights will be a peaceful world.

  • No, feminism shouldn't focus on pay inequality.

    I do not think that the future of feminism should focus on pay inequality between men and women. I think that there should be more focus by the feminists groups on other more important issues like women's rights to being treated equally in today's society. I think that the issue of pay is something that doesn't exist.

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