• I love Geico Lizard

    He is so cool oh my god I want to be him so badly he would be the best pres ident the world has ever seen because he is so cool everyone loves him and he is so awes some i love him so mu btw he is also my dad

  • Green is better than orange.

    Green is the color of life and the earth. Plants are green and they grow. Cows and pigs eat plants and we eat cows and pigs and they are delicious. This is the circle of life. Orange is the color of fire and fire means death. Orange is also the color of soulless gingers so we need to replace it with our friendly green gecko who saves us 15% or more on car insurance.

  • Go, Geico Gecko!

    I agree wholeheartedly. Most of the presidents we have today are absolutely garbage. A gecko that tells us we can save 15% on car insurance in 15 minutes is clearly a genius and more qualified than most people. For that reason I will always be rooting this little gecko on. Go, Geico Gecko!

  • Why the heck not

    He'd do a better job than most Presidents, plus everybody would be transfixed by his Australian accent whenever he did a speech... Except me, because it annoys me.

    He'd replace Congress with his Gecko pals and he'd be all cool and I'm bored with this sentence need 3 more words, done.

  • He's not a real person.

    I am pretty sure that the person who posted this was just joking, because the Geico Gecko is just a Computer Generated Image (CGI) with someone doing his voice. Also, he doesn't really seem to be that much involved with political affairs. Do we even know what party he is?

  • Hump Day Camel For President

    The Hump Day Camel would make a much better candidate for president with his outstanding kindness and always funny remarks reminding people what day it is. He would be an excellent leader against the war on terror is great with kids. I hope that the Hump Day Camel decides to run because he will be getting my vote.

  • He isn't even American!

    According to the criteria for being president, you must have been born in America, and seeing that he has a British accent, must mean that he is not from here. Plus, wouldn't the Hump Day camel make a much better president? The camel is honest, and would make a great politician. I'd vote for him.

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