Should the generalizability theory be used to analyze the effectiveness of the operations of the federal government?

  • Theory Looks at Overall Picture

    The generalizability theory looks at many facets of an organization and breaks it down to determine whether something is doing good for society or something bad. This is a perfect way to critique the federal government as the outcome is pass/fail: either the bureaucracy is good for Americans or bad for Americans. If the determination is bad, then clearly changes must be made to the federal government.

  • Statistics have to matter.

    Yes, the generalizability theory can be used to analyze the effectiveness of the operations of the federal government, because the government has to evaluate how much of an impact they have to the most people. The government is about serving large numbers, so it makes sense to generalize what works and what doesn't.

  • Yes It Should

    I believe the generalizability theory should be used to analyze the effectiveness of the operations of the federal government. The theory is basically a performance assessment that gives criteria to measure on. I believe we need to measure this, if at all possible. Our government seems to be having a lot of problems, maybe numbers on its effectiveness would be helpful in deciding how bad it is.

  • No, the generalizability theory should not be used to analyze the effictiveness of the federal government because it is too complex.

    The policy making process of the federal government is not effective. The reason for this is so each policy is reviewed as much as possible, and more, before passing it into law. People have already been trying to generalize politics with little success. It is extremely difficult to predict exactly what effect a policy will have overall. On every controversial issue, there will always been multiple policies supported in some ways by current observations. If people could predict the effect of policies on the world as a whole, politics would not be so complicated and all in all everything would be much more efficient.

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