Should the Geneva Convention bar Donald Trump for his belief on killing terrorists?

  • His Beliefs are Disrespectful

    Trump doesn't only want to kill terrorists anymore, but he actually just wants to kill anyone who might look like a terrorist or who could potentially be a terrorist or is from a country where terrorism is prominent. It's stupid to think like that, so that's why he should be barred from the convention.

  • Donald Trump Sucks

    The Geneva Convention should definitely bar Donald Trump for his belief on killing terrorists. Donald Trump is misguided, ignorant, uneducated, offensive, and disgusting on every subject, not just the ineffective and terrible ways he thinks he can take care of terrorist problems. Trump should be barred from everywhere for his terrible beliefs.

  • Lol why??? ?

    Do you want terrorists to live? Should we just let all the Jihadis into the countries and they just all get forgiven and we forget the killings of innocents people? Wow wow wo wow oww ow ow ow wo wow ow wo w ow owo wo wow ow ow ow ow ow.

  • Do not bar Trump

    The Geneva Convention should not bar Donald Trump based on his belief on killing terrorists. They are terrorists. Let us not forget that enormous fact. Terrorists terrorize and bread fear into the lives of innocent people. Terrorists have whatever is coming to them up to and of course, including death.

  • Trump sure is a bigotted jerk and a clown, but Geneva Convention doesn't apply here

    Geneva Conventions do not apply to terrorists, not even as POWs, let alone as combatants. Actually, it is a "grey area" and there is still a lot of debate over that issue, which in reality means that countries get to decide for themselves, which in turn means that whatever USA decide that is The Law - end of discussion. And USA have conveniently decided to deny any rights to whomever they declare terrorists. Ergo, Guantanamo and daily bombings and rocket attacks on alleged terrorists all over Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Pakistan by US drones - and thousands of innocent civilians (or how the US likes to call them in NewSpeak, "collateral damage") killed in the process with no repercussions to anyone.
    So, compared to all of this, Trumps bigorty and marketing orchestrated lunatic speeches are minor nuisance that will not/ should not be taken seriously.

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