• Yes, the Giants should have released him.

    Yes, the Giants should have released kicker Josh Brown in light of accusations that he was violent against his spouse. There are more important things in this world than winning a game. How we treat each other is far more important. Releasing Brown for his violent ways against the people he supposedly loves would have been the right thing for the Giants to do.

  • Yes, he was not performing well.

    Yes, he was not performing well for them. He was no longer a good member of their team and they needed to replace him in order to reach their goal of getting to the playoffs by beating the other teams and eventually wining the Super Bowl. He was not contributing to that success.

  • Josh Brown should be dismissed

    I absolutely agree that the Giants were right to release kicker Josh Brown. This issue of domestic abuse has been happening in NFL circles for years and too often very little is done about it. This is the right action to take to show that the NFL takes this issue seriously. Josh Brown also needs to get his life in order and take care of his personal affairs instead of playing football.

  • Yes, the Giants should have released Brown

    The Giants did the right thing by finally releasing Josh Brown. It should've occurred sooner, especially with evidence pointing to at least some team and NFL officials being aware of some of the problems. The NFL says it won't tolerate domestic abuse and yet in almost every case that comes up they're incredibly slow to act. When they do act, it never seems to be the same across the board. The Giants were right to release him and acknowledge their own missteps in choosing to keep him around.

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