• People who are transgender and look like girls should have a choice.

    Jeez,again with these gender roles and reactionary attitudes? God dang it,times are changing,guys! Transgender is a real thing! It would be quite cruel to exclude transgenders just because they are not pureblooded girls. I say if they look and behave like girls then they should be allowed in,regardless of whether they are transgender or not. We must overturn this so it wont be stuck at 50-50 forever.

  • Some one who is transgender is a girl and a boy

    Since someone who is transgender is a girl, they should be alowed. They wouldn't be alowed in any single gender things. Even if they look like a boy, if they thing they are a girl, then people should treat them like a girl (not that there is much of a difference in the way people should treat girls or boys.

  • It gets across a positive message

    I think that if Transgenders are allowed to be in girl scouts it would put across a positive message. It shows that just because you were born as a gender you don't wish to be doesn't mean that you should live with it. You shouldn't let society tell you to be one way just because of a matter of birth.

  • Transgender girls are GIRLS

    Transgender girls are girls.
    The Girl Scouts club needs to accept people according to their mental value.

    God, this really illustrates the enormous value that our society places upon physical appearance. Why should there even be discourse regarding this topic?

    Girl Scouts can accept who they want to. As an organization, Girl Scouts reserves that right. But is it ethically just to alienate transgender GIRLS? NO.

  • Yes

    First of all there should be overall gender equality in scouts because (at least in Girl Scouts, I'm not entirely sure about Boy Scouts) equality is taught heavily. You can't possibly teach equality and then limit that equality to specific areas. There shouldn't ever be the amount of gender discrimination currently seen in both Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.

  • Yes, Equal Rights to All!

    Who is of age for the girl scouts that is transgender? That seems entirely too soon to realize that you've been a boy for too long, and you were meant to be a girl. Now, that being said, in the circumstance where this person does exist, I think they should be allowed in. At the same token, I believe that boys should be allowed in! That might fix the transgender dilemma that plagues our young generation of boy scouts that would rather sell cookies!

  • What does it matter?

    If someone that is transgender looks more like a girl than a boy, then they should be allowed in. If they don't fit in then they don't, but they should have a choice in the matter. The other Girl Scouts don't really need to know that the person is transgender, they should just know that the person is a little bit different. Maybe they should join Boy Scouts instead but seriously what are we going to do, open up a scout club called "Transgender Scouts"? That's a bit ridiculous if you ask me.

  • Unless you mean a girl who identifies herself as a boy

    Girl scouts is for girls. Girl defined as having the physical features typical of girls. A boy that calls himself a girl is not a girl. He is a boy. But if a girl likes calling herself a boy that should not be considered grounds for disqualifying her from girl scouts.

  • Girls deserve privacy.

    Why do girls and guys have separate locker room? Because girls don't want guys watching them change. If the girl scouts allowed "transgender" boys in, there would be disastrous privacy consequences. What would stop a perverted boy from saying that he "feels like a girl" so that he could go on a trip with the girls. Anytime that the group would change or swim, they would have to let the "transgender" boy be around. If they tried to respect the girls' privacy by keeping him away, he could say that they discriminated against him. Thus, the girls would be unable to avoid changing in front of the opportunistic pervert.
    As there is no scientific explanation for transgender people, it would be very easy for boys to pretend. Even if you don't believe that God created you as you should be with regards to gender, you should believe science. Having a Y chromosome decides if you are male or female, not your favorite color or the fact that you don't like sports.

  • No the Girl Scouts shouldn't allow transgender members

    I don't think it's a good idea for the Scouts to allow transgender members. Reason being, they aren't exactly girls. They wouldn't fit in with the rest of the group. I think they would be better off in their own group where they would be free of that and able to be who they were among others like them, than in an environment where they well could be ostracized for being different.

  • Respect the privacy of girls.

    They are still boys no matter how much they think they are not. How would you feel if you knew that your daughter was changing in front of a boy. Now apply that feeling when there is a transgender boy in the room who probably did not undergo any type of surgery. They are not far off from being male.

  • No

    Personally, I believe that the protesting girl does not grasp the Girl Socuts’ mission of “Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place” or their ideas of empowerment: “relate to others with increasing understanding, skill, and respect; develop values to guide their actions and provide the foundation for sound decision-making; and contribute to the improvement of society through their abilities, leadership skills, and cooperation with others.”

  • Girls Will Be Girls

    The Girls Scouts is a social organization. Unless the group receives federal funding, the Girl Scouts can exclude whomever they want. Unfortunately, societal norms may not fit in well with certain groups. Transgender members may be stigmatized from the get-go as not in accordance with traditional values. Plus, the controversy surrounding gay members of the Boy Scouts has festered for years. The Girl Scouts won't be changing anytime soon.

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