• Girl Scouts should sell cookies directly, not through scouts.

    Girl Scouts should not make the girls sell cookies themselves. None of the profits go to the girls doing the work, and very little of it even goes to their troop. If the girl scouts just set up a website online, where anyone could buy cookies, they would make much more money to support their programs.

  • Yes, Girl Scout cookies are used to teach young girls about business.

    Yes, Girl Scout cookies should be available online. As businesses move more to an online platform, less people are buying locally. Troop leaders can show girls how to represent a product online, advertise and package. Selling online can also give many troops a boost in funding, as many people are more apt to buy online.

  • Safety is More Important Now

    The dual factors of Girl Guides selling cookies is important to consider. Helping girls develop social skills and business skills is very important, and selling cookies in person is of huge benefit. Girls can still learn by selling online, and since the main goal is to raise funds, online sales can only help do that.

  • Girl Scout Cookies Dot Com

    The arguments against the selling of Girl Scout cookies online are insane. They are a product like everything else and if it helps spread their charitable organization to many different parts of the world, that can only be a good thing. People interested in cookies shouldn't have to wait until people come to their home to get some.

  • What about the 13 & under age group?

    The girls scouts will not be doing much work. Why would they be Girl Scout cookie girls if the are not really selling them. Should be Cookies by Girls Scout. It's not even going to be the girls doing the online monitoring it will be there parents. How about that. Parent Scout Cookies online funded by Girl Scout Girls Cookies. Just outrage.

  • While everyone would love to be able to order them online, selling cookies that way would defeat the purpose of the sale itself.

    Convenience seems to be a big argument for the positive, but the main focus of the project isn't the customer stuffing their face with cookies - the point is to directly influence the community, and to go about doing that and anything else using the profits they get from the sale. Sure, the profits might still go to "the" Girl Scouts, but I think troops would lose a lot of the benefit.

    THAT BEING SAID, I think that if there were some sort of system, like "input the number of the troop you support so they can get credit for this sale," that would be a suitable way to justify an online sale.

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