Should the Golden Rule be a universal moral principle?

  • Its the best way

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  • yes it should be a golden rule

    yes the golden rule should be a universal moral principle. I honestly thought it was already. treating everyone the way you should want to be treated should definately be a universal moral principle because it would just ensure the better of mankind and the state of the world for future mankind

  • The golden rule is already a universal moral principle

    Even if you don't specifically believe it, most of the things you do are done in consideration of others, this means that when you give respect, you do it because it is a genuinely positive action and you want anything positive. This universal desire to live in a world where good things happen to us make us want to do unto others, what we would have them do back to us.

  • Golden rule empathy.

    As a public school teacher, I spend a lot of time thinking about how people treat each other and why. One of the things that elementary students need to learn is empathy; the ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes. That's what I think the Golden Rule is all about, and I also think that children in our society are not the only ones who need to learn it. Being able to empathize with another is a fundamental check on our own behavior, because we can imagine how the other person would feel when we do something that relates to them. I seriously question whether the Sandy Hook shooter and others were even able to visualize the pain and fear of their victims. This is the logical outcome of disregarding the Golden Rule.

  • The Golden Rule should be a universal moral principle.

    I think if more people followed the golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, there wouldnt be so much violence. There wouldn't be as much stealing, lying, or cheating. Children wouldnt bully other children, because they wouldnt want to be bullied themselves. We should all follow the golden rule.

  • No, it should not.

    The golden rule is just a way of telling people to treat people nicely, otherwise those people will not treat you nicely. That does not seem like a moral principle that is necessary though. People should treat others the way in which that person wants to be treated. I read another post, and he said this is like the platinum rule. I strongly believe that is a better way of thinking.

  • How about the Platinum Rule?

    Growing up I was taught the Golden Rule: Do onto others as you would like to have done onto you. Up until the time I was in college I believed this to be the best approach. One day I was discussing a social problem with a friend of mine. I turned to the Golden Rule for guidance when he stopped me and told me about the Platinum Rule. He said instead, "Do onto others as they would like done onto themselves." At first I dismissed it, because I don't like change. But eventually I came to accept it as superior. The reason being that everyone is different. Just as much as some people like steak and others like kale, not everyone will want to be treated the same way. Instead, take the time to listen to someone and truly empathize how they feel rather than project onto them your own feelings.

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