• Yes, otherwise they look like naysayers.

    Yes, the GOP should back down on spending cuts, because to not do so simply makes them look like naysayers who are willing to cut off their nose to spite their foot. Makes no sense. The infrastructure of this country and our educational system and our ability to compete in a global economy makes spending necessary.

  • Yes, they are cutting too much in the wrong places.

    America is in a fragile position right now. Society is shifting and there needs to be a corresponding change in government. While I agree that spending cuts may be necessary, the GOP needs to back down on where these cuts come from. We cannot continue to spend billions on wars and not improve education and welfare.

  • Yes, someone needs to back down

    Actually both sides need to back down. GOP needs to realize that there is no way their spending cuts are going to work in the situation we are in. They need to back off in spending cuts while the other side need to back off in their tax increases. The bottom line no one wants the middle road.

  • No, cuts need to be made.

    The GOP should stick to their plans for reducing spending. This country is so far in debt, there is danger of default. This would be a very bad thing for many folks. Give away programs need to be scaled back so they can be maintained for future generations. The sooner this is done the more secure will be the future.

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