• Ideally Yes

    Since minorities is such a broad term it's hard to agree with this premise but I must. Political parties should try to be broad in their vision. This means that their message should be exclusive. I don't think the GOP actually should actively try to win over minorities but rather should refocus their message on more mainstream issues which will naturally bring back more people to the fold. Any political message that is encompassing will organically attract peoples from all spectrum.

    Posted by: pdrm
  • Yes, but it should be done through honest change

    "Minorities" aren't actually minorities in the strictest sense any longer. The demographic make up of this country is no longer the primary base of the GOP. Its important that the GOP changes with the time. However, the idea that they should "win over" minorities is strange. Shouldn't the GOP instead update its ideals to include those people who are a major part of this country?

  • The GOP should try to win everyone's support.

    Political parties should keep the debate about ideas instead of race. Let it be about their respective values and or visions of the future. People understand when they are pandered to, and while emotion might sway them for the moment, they come to resent the insult. Full employment serves everyone, Feeling safe in our homes and our schools appeals to members of all races. The liberty to make our own decisions and test our strengths is a dream that we all hold dear. Let the Republicans carry that message to every community and every group. Set the example, and watch as the Democrats broaden their message as well. Then the conversation will really begin.

  • Such a question begs racisim in and of itself

    The GOP is having a hard time winning over minds. Playing a race card in any fashion defeats the concept of principle, demeans everyone, and encouages the lesser nature of humanity. Concepts of parced laws parce equality in the context of the notion of equal creation quickly becoming confused with equal outcome and unalienable rights become buried under emotion driven politics of divide. The GOP leadership has adopted the hypocracy of its adversaries and while it touts the image of a higher character, it reflects itself in the light of patrician progressives compromising with those that care not about individual rights carrying the price of individual accountability and responsibility.

  • NO

    I have a novel idea.

    Instead of trying to pander to this group or this group as though they are children, why don't they just try to come up with ideas that are beneficial to the whole?

    That is what I propose. Let's concentrate on ideas that are beneficial to everybody and that most people can at least somewhat agree on in this country.

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