Should the gorilla who started interacting with the boy who fell into the enclosure have been shot?

Asked by: BabyLuigi23
  • Yes, the boy was in danger.

    If you've seen the video, that gorilla was NOT protecting the little boy. He was throwing him around like a rag doll. But, because the gorilla was shot, all the animal rights activists jump out and try to protect the gorilla. Hey, you want an opinion that matters? Ask the kid. His life was saved by that gorilla dying. But, if you care about a gorilla more than a little kid, fine by me. The gorilla's already dead!

  • Gorillas Eat Meat

    Gorillas are omnivores, just like humans. This gorilla in particular was very excited that a human child entered its enclosure. He was probably excited to have a nice meat meal, because the food they gave him at the zoo was likely terrible. He was just about to subdue his prey, when the zoo officials shot him! That was an incredibly traitorous move. The people who had cared for him and allowed him to live suddenly decided that what he was doing was wrong and killed him. If I were the gorilla right now, I would be feeling very betrayed. That human kid was stupid enough to enter the enclosure. In the wild, the gorilla would have eaten him. Unfortunately, the gorilla was killed. The gorilla was not at fault. I am not a supporter of gorilla warfare.

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