Should the government be more involved with gun laws?

  • Gun tragedies must be prevented.

    As someone who has been alive during Waco, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Newton, and as the list goes on, I think that the federal government needs to step up to the plate and do a hell of a lot more about gun laws. We can't afford to have another gun tragedy.

  • Yes there should be government assistance with gun laws but not in terms of restrictions.

    What has been lost in the gun debate is the importance of mental health treatment. I believe that if someone wants to own a gun they must be mentally fit. In order to determine that, they should pay out of pocket for a psychiatric evaluation determining if they are fit to own. They should also be required to do follow up "check-ins" to determine their fitness for owning a gun.

  • The ones in place aren't working

    The government has failed with gun control at the extent of angering law abiding gun owners who kill no one but the chance criminal in their home or other environment. The right of the people to keep guns is not something that should be taken away from %99 of the population just because %1 abused their right

  • No if you are referring to the Federal Government and not local governments.

    I don't think the federal government can actually create a good practical law for the whole country. The local governments are much better at it. I live in a rough suburb of Chicago and know that a very liberal gun policy here would lead to more problems not help, but to limit guns say in an area where they are needed to hunt and maybe survive wouldn't be right. I don't want to drive through Chicago and see half the people walking around with a gun on their hip, but if I am on a rural ranch say it Texas I would be fie with it.

  • No, the government needs to focus on enforcing the current laws.

    The government needs to just focus on enforcing the current laws. Creating more laws to stop guns is not effective at all. In cities, such as DC and Chicago, guns are prohibited and yet, those two cities have the highest gun murder rate in the nation. Gun laws just prevent law abiding citizens from protecting themselves. Criminals do not follow the law, and getting the government more involved with gun laws is not going to stop them from breaking them.

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