• With so many food choices available expert knowledge is required.

    Most people agree that the Government should regulate things that affect our safety such as what to do with criminals, dealing with drugs, unsafe driving and so on. Yet the biggest killer and health danger (food) is often left unchecked. There are so many food options available today that the average lay person can not know what is good and what is bad for their bodies 100% of the time.
    The government needs to control the dangerous chemicals being added to food. Humans have not shown they have the ability to make safe rating choices and as such a huge group of people are unhealthy and overweight. So, something must be done.

  • Yes within reason.

    if you have ever seen the movie Super Size Me it explains that Mcdonalds foods have addictive chemicals in it, some similar to those found in drugs. The government should ban these chemicals that block our feeling to feel full. Also, the amount of ingredients with high calories that are put into their food is outrageous. The bun of a hamburger is so processed that by the time it is in your stomach it is already broken down into sugar.

  • Theres no need

    Imagine what its like having people telling you to eat and not what to eat, how would you personally feel? Like yes these chemicals in unhealthy food can be bad for you and being overweight can kill you but in the end everyone dies. We have been given free will which gives us the right to eat what we want so dont take it from us

  • No, it's our life not theirs

    We should be able to choose what we eat. The government is supposed to make laws and protect us from bad people and keep us from doing dangerous things, not controlling every little thing we do. What we eat is a lifestyle that we choose and the government shouldn't have a say so in it. Everyone doesn't like to eat what they eat. So why change our diets? It makes no since to change the worlds diet based upon what THEY like.. It makes no since

  • No people have rights

    I think that being healthy is important but I shouldn't have to be made to eat certain foods. People have their right to say I want to eat a salad or say I want to eat a greasy burger today. I am not a child i know right from wrong

  • Stay out of my food

    The government has no morally justifiable say in what I do or do not choose to consume or ingest. To think otherwise is to falsely attribute benevolence or sound motives to the government. The sample size is large enough at this point that we don't have to wonder whether government fiat is is not. They should stay out of our personal life.

  • I think there is still too much unknown science

    It is a bold assumption that the government would know better how my body reacts to certain things than me. You can quote study after study that disagrees with previous data as the understanding of our body as it interacts with certain nutrients increases. I think if something has to be done, it should more be in the form of education based on current knowledge rather than 1984 style prepacked meals forced down your throat (hyperbole).

  • Not how it is presently

    If they're going to foot the bill, pay every dime of my healthcare and every dime of my food expenses, maybe we can talk. As it is, no. I cook my own meals, they're usually very healthy ones, occasionally I want to go out and gorge myself on trash that isn't good for me. I shouldn't have that taken away because some idiots go to McDonald's 5 times a week and need their hand held.

  • No to a degree

    No, they should not have a say in our diets, but they should have a say in regulation of food and drink production if it is causing reprehensible harm to our children. If there are known agents in our food and drink, then yes they need to step in. But for them to step in to tell me that I am only allowed to buy foods with so much of a fat content is overstepping.

  • Absolutely not, they should not have a say in what Americans do or do not eat.

    For example, the banning of large sodas and popcorn in NYC. That is ridiculous. If someone wants a large Coke let them buy it... They crossed the line with that legislation... It is none of their business what we eat. or drink Besides, if someone is not allowed to buy a large coke, they will just buy 2 mediums. It is absolutely pointless to be wasting time and resources on this issue.

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