Should the governance of the United States be divided between the two major political parties?

  • Yes, the government should be split.

    I think the government should be split because the people in the US are split. If everyone had the same political and social views than we could have one party in government and everyone would be satisfied. We need the two parties to have both sides represented and getting some of the things they want.

  • There should be more influence.

    No, the governance of the United States should not be divided between the two major political parties, because that would be akin to one, party, non-democratic rule. There used to be the whig party in the United States, but that died off. We always need to let parties rise and fall and new ideas develop.

  • For Mass Migration

    I do not believe the governance of the United States should be divided between the two major political parties. The problem with this suggestion is that essentially it would lead to two different nations, instead of one. Secondly, the GOP has fallen out of favor and far fewer people can agree with their platforms or anything they do for that matter.

  • What an astonishingly awful idea!

    That would be the worst idea in the history of the United States since Prohibition. If you divide the country up by political parties, eventually what you will get is a civil war. There's always one ideology that is going to try to assert its dominance. And you can bet it would probably be the Republicans starting problems, like they always do.

  • Doing so would lead effectively to only one party.

    Dividing governance between the two major political parties even more so than currently would effectively lead to a dictatorship of one government party with no opposition. Currently when one party is in power, the other is not, leaving a voice of opposition. If both parties were always included in government there would be no effective opposition left.

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