• Yes they should

    No, I do not think that they should abandon this bill. I think that it is a great bill, and will help the United States out a whole lot if it is passed. i think that they need to keep pushing it until it gets through, so that it can go into effect.

  • Many other member states are not trustworthy enough

    The US has to protect its sovereignty. Granted 5 countries having a veto does undermine the credibility of the UN. However, consider how many countries are run by dictators, and that even some democratic countries have theocratic, racist, sexist, or homophobic tendencies. Consider that these countries can and do land seats on the security council. Do we want them calling the shots?

    If the world had mostly reasonable countries then it would be time to call for an end to the veto.

  • No, they should not.

    Separation of power is very important. Without the council having this veto power can endanger many peoples rights. Veto power helps protect people from any one part of the government and should never be changed from that. Kind of similar to the President's veto power to protect the people if congress is making a bad decision.

  • no they should not.

    The government should keep the security council veto. I see no reason, as of right now, to cancel it. It was a good idea when it was brought up, and it is a good idea now. The security council was largely unfocused and uneffective and there was no other way to go about this.

  • The government should not abandon the security council veto.

    The government should not abandon its vote on the United Nations Security Council. The veto is an important power of the country to counter destructive tendencies of China and Russia. It is also a way to support our allies, France and the UK. The US does not want to relinquish this important power.

  • No,they should not abandon it

    Its there for a reason, The super poiwers have to put their foot down,but I can see why it can be an issue. You might have to change a few things around,but you can;t tell those powers what to do, If they all banned together, no force on earth could stop them.

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