Should the government allow everyone to sell their organs?

  • Yes, it should.

    Currently, there is an organ shortage. The main reason people do not donate their organs is because they have little incentive to do so. An abstract reason like "saving a life" is not a strong enough motivator to convince someone to go under the knife and undergo a painful surgery. However, money can solve the problem. When offered a sufficient amount of money, people are less hesitant to donate their organs.

    It's simple supply and demand.

  • Yes it should be legal

    In my opinion I believe that if one needs it wants to sell there organs no one can tell them what to do with their body, however if one isn't healthy they should not be able to sell their organs due to health issues.
    This also may lead to much worse situations like murder and violence, meaning if one is in desperate need of an organ to sell for money but can't sell their own they may try to murder another and take that persons organs to sell.

  • Eliminating Waiting lists

    It can't be denied that right now there isn't enough organs required to fulfil the demand. In places such as Iran where the sale of organs is legal and well regulated they have no waiting lists for organ transplants.

    In an ideal world there would be no need to pay people for their organs but the simple fact of the matter is that people die on waiting lists and if people were offered financial incentive then it would save thousands of lives. Surely this can only be a good thing?

  • Yes they should.

    The government should allow everyone to sell their organs. It is their body, so if they want to sell their organ to help someone live, then they have the right to do so. The government should not be getting involved in these types of things because they have better things to focus on.

  • The government should allow everyone to sell their organs

    The government should allow everyone to sell their organs. This is because of the fact that the citizen's organs are theirs to sell. The government does not own the citizen or the citizens body, and thusly must allow them to sell their organs within regulation, as that is their right.

  • No Equality With Selling

    In our current system, donors organs go to people who are in the most need. I believe our current system upholds equality values, therefore I would hate to see the legalization of organs for profit. This system would simple support those that had the most money and leave the poor people to die.

  • Force? No. Allow? Yes.

    Some organs (like the kidneys) come in two because one is needed for backup, but only one is needed to survive (it will grow larger if the other is removed.

    Other organs (like the liver) are capable of regenerating. You can remove up to 80% of your liver and survive, and the liver will grow back over time. The portion you choose to donate will be given to someone in need of a liver.

    By no means should the government force someone to donate their organs in a similar way as jury duty is forced, but the government should give an incentive to those who do so

  • The Nation would turn Ugly.

    If this were an ideal world, then I would say yes. Many people would benefit, but some will experience terrible loss and pain. Once organs can be put on sale, however, many more murders would occur. The starving man with a family to feed may feel that he has no choice but to murder a random stranger and sell every viable organ in the victim's body, possibly netting hundreds of thousands of dollars. Organs are INCREDIBLY valuable. Many murderers will be caught, but the damage will have been done. Banning the sale of organs is an effective block for this kind of behavior.

  • Sell organs? Definitely NO

    Only Donate on one's own free will.
    If it is allowed every poverty ridden person will sell his organ to live a little more. They wouldn't care about their health in the future. One day a Kidney, then Blood, then eyes on sale. It would lead to more crimes in turn.

  • The government should not allow everyone to sell their organs.

    The government should not allow people to sell their organs because this is barbaric. The current system of organ donation is humane and respectful to all parties involved. It would be barbaric for people to sell parts of their bodies in order for monetary gain. No government should allow this.

  • No,the government should not allow everyone to sell their organs.

    The government should not allow everyone to sell their organs.There will always be people that go to desperate measures to get money and make ends meet.In this instance government should step in and look out for the individual as well as the group good.Individual who sell their organs would just be a bigger burden on society.

  • Medicine is technically yours

    Organs aren't straightforwardly your property because they are necessary for your life, and your right to life isn't waivable or transferrable.
    Not everything you own can be sold on. Your prescription medicine is technically yours, but you can't legally sell on your prescription medicine. The same is technically true of some games.
    It may be legal to DONATE organs, but that is all it is donating. What are you going to do with your organs when you are dead and buried in the ground? Nothing. And as said above we need most of our organs in order to survive, but why not give something you dont need without having to be reimbursed for it. Even if many people are actually the right match, they are still froced to donate their organs through emotional manipulation, through this is can cause all types of stress and anxiety for the donator.

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