• Fracking is good economically

    Banning frocking will just make us reliant on Saudis and Canadians for oil again. We need to make more jobs in America.
    Also for the man-made earthquake argument, The largest concentration of human-caused quakes in the world is in the US is at a geothermal energy facility which provides most of San Francisco's water in California. The damage from fracking is actually from wastewater pumping after extraction.

    Posted by: Nawl
  • Absolutely Do Not

    The act of fracking is injecting earth with chemicals to drill down far enough for gas to be released. With all of the sink holes and man-made disasters cropping up over the planet, why on earth would we risk ourselves, and our environment on more stupid ideas like this? Just leave the planet alone.

  • Affects Water Availability

    Studies show that the amount of fresh water withdrawn for hydraulic fracturing in any given state accounts for 0.5-1% of all water withdrawn. Although this number may seem insignificant, many of the shale plays used are located in semiarid areas with limited water, and hydraulic fracturing may have moderate implications on local hydrology, especially during periods of low flow.

  • Fracking is bad

    No, I don't think the government should allow fracking. It has the possibility of causing certain problems, such as an earthquake. I believe the benefits that come from the practice compared to the possible side affects do not add up. We can find other ways to accomplish the same thing fracking does. We should look for alternatives.

  • No, the government should not allow fracking

    Instead of trying to squeeze every last drop of fossil fuel from our planet (with an industry that makes a ghastly amount of money doing so, and then uses a massive network of powerful lobbyists to spread misinformation about their practices), we should be charging headlong into research regarding renewable energy sources.

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