Should the government allow oil drilling in US national parks?

  • Throwing away our needed resources, and not knowing what we need.

    You drive a car everyday, and do you know who complains about the oil costs? You. National parks provide our everyday necessities, and the one all countries are lacking: oil. Do you want to walk from San Francisco to Los Angeles? You drive to work everyday, and that takes oil. Please, just think about it.

  • Limited Drilling would Help America

    Some of the national parks are huge, and they contain significant amounts of oil. This oil could be accessed without causing a great deal of harm to the environment. It would also be of great national benefit. This could greatly reduce American dependence on the purchase of foreign oil products.

  • For sure!

    The drilling could be limited to the borders of the park and in certain ares that are not easy public access. The NP could be designated the royalties to help in the management in the park. With declining budgets the land management agencies will lose money before the poor. Alternative energies would be nice but there not here yet so we have to use what we have. Would could also limit our need for foreign oil and not have to fight in or support wars over energy needs. I beleive the NP are a valuable treasure and should be protected but limited entry could be acheived.

  • Canada

    Everyone always wants to look at what our neighbors are doing for everything else, such as Europe for healthcare, so why not look at Canada for the preservation of our national parks? Canada's park called Opeongo for a very long time has been partitioned between the used parts of the park and the not very much used parts of the park. They allow lumbering in the not used parts and they limit it very highly, so why not take this concept and turn it into our own? We partition certain parts of our parks to be used for drilling, and we highly limit and regulate it. It's simple as that.

  • No more brilling

    How can people have fun and family go there as one so they get together we do we need cars why can't we walk how is it going to hunt us we will get alot of weight off of us so why drilling in the parks that brings family together

  • Hello its a 6th grader

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  • Hello its me

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  • Hello its me

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  • Many reasons why i say no

    For one thing, it is expensive, and drills cost thousands of dollars.
    For another thing, lots of people died during their time mining for oil.
    Lastly, these national parks have been around for many years, and cost lots of money to build. So mining at these parks is just like burning millions of dollars to ash.
    So i say no

  • Conserve our national parks

    I have seen what oil drilling has done to small towns in Texas. Over population the areas, polluting our lands, using all resources till there is nothing left or forcing the government to put in place plant to clean it up. The cost of living will rise in the areas to where you cant even afford a gallon of milk. This is a big country, drill somewhere else.

  • Destroying the few parts of natural wonders that we have left.

    There are not many places in America where you can still see nature in all its beauty, so for the places we do have we need to protect them. Drilling for oil as we have seen in other parts of the US, disrupts the natural habitat, kills the animals that lives there, and destroys the lands near by, including the land, water systems, and air. Its obvious most of our locations have a thick smog of pollution so we should protect the few places that still contain fresh air, not just for environmentalists to explore but many other people. The other people i am referring to is our future kids and grand kids, which is sad for me to say that most teens of this generation have yet to see an unpolluted stream or see what a real forest looks like, and if this is so now, think about how limited it will be when oil is being taken from what is now protected areas. My overall point is to not let greed cloud our vision for a better future.

  • No drilling in any national park

    We need to keep our parks free of contamination, rigs, drilling trucks,etc. Let us keep our lands as they are for future generations. Does anybody think of future generations any more? Can you imagine how beautiful a park would be with polluted water, and and oil spill for a wading pool/

  • Nope

    "There can be nothing in the world more beautiful than the Yosemite, the groves of the giant sequoias and redwoods, the Canyon of the Colorado, the Canyon of the Yellowstone, the Three Tetons; and our people should see to it that they are preserved for their children and their children's children forever, with their majestic beauty all unmarred.” -Theodore Roosevelt.

    There's a reason this guy was the president

  • No!!!!!

    This is obvious, the parks are for nature and then the smell is bad too. The parks are where people have not trampled over the land.That's why I choose no.They also are beuty and the drills are not "beauty".They're more like the ugliest thing on Earth.

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