Should the government apply regulations on the fast food industry?

  • The government should apply regulations on the fast food industry.

    The government needs to watch out for the American people. One way it can do that is through posing regulations on the fast food industry. Fast food is unhealthy and needs to be forced to include healthier options on its menu to balance out the junk options. Also, fast food places have popped up all over. You can't drive two blocks without seeing fast food places. This means people have even more advertisements and "pressure" to have fast food when they are hungry. Because of this, insurance costs are rising, particularly because of how unhealthy people are becoming. The fast food industry needs regulations to keep health costs down.

  • Health Should Be A Goal

    The Fast Food Industry has consumers on a leash. In fact, that leash also holds the Government. We all know it's there, it's just invisible. The larger companies can afford to pay off politicians through donating to a campaign, and they use the money that they get from the people who buy fast food because they either don't have enough time, (let's face it) can't afford to buy food for more than a couple dollars, or people who are just so hooked on the fatty goods that they can't stop eating it. We all know this is a problem. We all know there's a way to fix it. But we're too cheap to pay that little fee that could save the health of someone on the verge of diabetes. It might take a while, and it WILL take money, but there is a way to fix this way of life. The only way we can do this is through socialism, and no one likes to think about it, but it's the truth. The only way we can truly save these people is by giving the government the leash for a little while. They won't choose what we but, or where we buy it. They will help us make better choices, and it'll be for the better.

  • I do believe that the government should apply regulations on the fast food industry

    I believe that in order for people to enjoy a better and healthier lifestyle, a lot has to do with food choices. If the fast food industry has stricter regulations on the amount of calories it is permitted to have in a any one food item, this can have a significant impact on the lives of citizens.

  • Government regulations have negative fallout

    Government regulations, namely laws, have a negative fallout, as they generally create criminals. While there may not be any serious consequences, the fact is that people want what they want, and businesses can't survive if they can't give people what they want. For the government to regulate fast food is to tell fast food that it must not give people what they want if it breaks regulation. Thus this denial of privileges creates an advantage for those willing to break the law, and put's law abiding businesses in jeopardy. Government should not apply regulations to the fast food industry.

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