Should the government assist in paying student debts?

  • More focus on studies

    Yes, The government should assist in paying student debts as this would help the students focus more on their studies and they would have no pressure related to their loans. They can dream to pursue higher studies as the government is helping to pay the debts of the students. There can be more educated people in the society as the students would focus more on their studies.

  • If you want to go to college, You gotta earn the money yourself.

    Student loans have actually INCREASED the cost of college. Since the government is handing out these student loans, Colleges have chosen to raise the price because its just the way you run a business. The government is only hurting the situation. That is why I vote no. Only three more.

  • Taxpayers should not subsidize your bad decisions.

    There are plenty of low cost education options out there. From community colleges to state universities, If someone chooses to pay 10 times what education ought to cost and not be able to secure a good paying job afterward, It is their fault for making a terrible decision. As a person with a Bachelor's, Two Master's degrees, And a PhD, The total cost of my education has been under $25, 000. If you pay that in one semester, You are a fool and you SHOULD part from your money.

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