• It would save lives!!!!

    Millions of people have died from Smoking Cigarettes, including my Grandfather, he died of lung Cancer, and passed before he could reach the hospital, about 2 years ago. Now I can only assume it was a horrible miserable death that no one should go through, luckily he believed in Christ as his savior, so he still lives in Heaven, but it was horrible. This is proof that smoking can and will kill you, there are hundreds of toxins in nicotine, and since nicotine is inside of cigarettes, people are poisoning themselves. It should most definitely be banned!

  • The government should ban cigarettes.

    It is well known that cigarettes are bad for people's health and that they are a public health disaster. Most people want cigarettes banned, but the tobacco companies have a powerful lobby in Washington. It is only a matter of time before cigarettes are made completely illegal because they are not very popular anymore.

  • Health Improves Markedly

    Cigarettes should be banned because the companies that manufacture them specifically make them to be addictive. Banning cigarettes will improve the health of all Americans and save the health care industry billions of dollars annually. The difficulty is that an addiction to cigarettes will be replaced by an addiction to something else. Perhaps insurance companies or cigarette manufacturers can alter their moneymaking prowess to include programs to help those addicted get away from their detrimental behavior and on the right path. Tobacco growers can grow other cash crops such as corn for ethanol or soy for soybean products. There are tons of ways former cigarette producers can change their products to be healthier for all Americans.

  • Freedom at a cost

    It is well known that cigarettes are harmful to the user and to the people in hens surroundings. It is rather hard to debate against this fact as there have been numerous researches all resulting that smoking causes lung cancer and other diseases.

    However, I do not think the government has no right to take this away from the smokers, even though it surely would make the world a cleaner place to live. One should always have the ability to choose, to smoke or not to smoke should be up to the individual. The ability to choose and to make your own decisions is freedom. Nobody should have the right to take this freedom away from you.

    Then again, it is a dangerous and expensive addiction to have, and I wish everyone who decides to smoke are being reasonable and logical about this.

    Furthermore I think the authorities could be stricter about making sure that no minors get their hands on cigarettes. At younger age teens and kids have a harder time reasoning and question the situations they are in. If this addiction kicks in early it is more likely to do more harm. More should be done to keep younglings out of these troubles and when they are older they can decide for themselves whether or not they wish to smoke.

    To conclude, do not ban cigarettes. They are a part of our lives and our freedom. Make sure though not to give these toxic murder-sticks of death and destructions to the young incapable of making sound decisions. -JTC

    Posted by: TKOP
  • No it should not.

    If the government banned cigarettes it would result in all kinds of trouble. People would start trying to get their fix from other countries, or shady dealers on the streets. It would give others incentive to rob stores and it would cause companies to lose money. I think we should not allow smoking in certain places, but it is too late to get banned.

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