Should the government ban electronic cigarettes?

Asked by: skyler743
  • Vape is bad

    Bad = vape
    vape = death
    death = no juuling
    no juuling = no phat clouds
    no phat clouds = no girlfriend
    no girl friend = keep virginity
    keep virginity = getting bullied
    getting bullied = depression
    depression = no good grades
    no good grades = bad job
    bad job = bad money
    bad money = homeless
    homeless = ur big gay
    big gay = hate crime
    hate crime = death again

  • They need to be Banned

    Vapes need to be banned because they not only affect you but they affect people around you they can give people asma and people start to cough when they are in the same room as the people. So overall the vapes and jull's are just bad for anyone at any age.

  • Wheezing all the time

    I cannot breathe as well. Trying to speak when our friend is smoking vapor, I am coughing constantly trying to get a breath, I have to keep away. Have been to the doctor I now have built an allergy and have trouble sleeping. I thought I was getting better after a treatment of steroids. After watching TV and the person started smoking. The vapour set me off again.

  • Unfair on others in the house

    Why should we have to inhale others vapour? It carried more bacteria and stinks. Leaves a fog.
    Ban them from everywhere indoors and where there are others nearby like rail stations. Bus stops and supermarkets. No smoking means this too! It irritates our breathing and comfort, My face feels sticky when I have been downwind of a smoker. Why should I have to leave?

  • It is anti-sociable as we cannot stay in the same room as the smoker!

    My lungs cannot take it. When the sun shines through the window. You can see the cloud of vapour. Please top this indoor smoking of e-cigarettes or vapour smoking. It is unfair on us.
    When at the bus stop you have to move upwind of these smokers. It is like standing be a steam train

  • Please band from indoors as it is so bad for others and it is killing us. Stop stop stop stop stop

    We have a shared home and cannot use the TV room at one who smokes these horrid vapour things, Fills the room with a cloud, You cannot breath. Its givem me asthma, I have been to the docter so many times, As soon as the person buffs I start goughing spazums

  • Scientific studies show they are dangerous.

    Studies now show that e cigarettes create as much air pollution as ordinary cigarettes.


    As this study confirms: "e-cigarettes are not emission-free and their pollutants could be of health concern for users and secondhand smokers. In particular, ultrafine particles formed from supersaturated 1,2-propanediol vapor can be deposited in the lung, and aerosolized nicotine seems capable of increasing the release of the inflammatory signaling molecule NO upon inhalation."

  • Awful things total stench

    They stink, oily wet vapour full of glycols and food flavourings. I mean seriously who thinks this is normal? Cigarettes are almost plausible just for how long ago they were invented it took decades to find out all the issues with them, and decade's to get past the huge marketing.

    I cannot get away from the stench these days, in my car in traffic it is awful, at home neighbour a few doors down almost everywhere.

    Look on vaping forums for all the BS explain away new capers side effects, or disparaging claims from people saying they make them feel ill, or even worse asking advice how to remove the grease film off windows, window screens or walls, I am being forced to breath this stuff, would rather some smoked!!

  • E-cigars are very harmful

    E- cigars might be the better alternates for cigarettes, but they still are very closely related to cigarettes. E- cigars not only cause dangerous side effects but also harm the people around through second hand smoking. E- cigars are like weapons. The worst thing is that with nicotine, people want to keep going back to the E- cigarette. We know very limited about E- cigars, as they were around for only 20 years. Many of them were also proven to be blowing up at the most unexpected times. This was due to the poor manufacturing quality and the limited research on developing the E- cigars. It also might be very hard to stop the consumption of E- cigars to addicts, but the aim is to stop more people from becoming addicted. The idea of letting kids have access to such dangerous items is ridiculous. Most of the people consuming the E- cigars probably don't even know what they are consuming. Even though, the government limited the amount of nicotine in each E- cigarette, they have no way of telling if the producers are following what they said. The consumption of one E- cigar increases the chances of a person to develop various cancers. All of the videos and the articles written/made to help avoid people from consuming E-cigars are apparently of waste because the consumption of E- cigars has only increased as the days have gone by. The next best solution is to ban the E- cigars once in for all. Letting this poisonous element be sold in the market is ridiculous. If the people are not reading the labels on the packets of E- cigars and not paying attention to all of the news and the videos of people suffering from addiction, then we can ban the E- cigars to at least make the people more aware. I know I didn't use much evidence to support my claim, but this just came off the top of my head from health class. :)

  • They are a distraction as well as harmful

    They should be banned kids in middle school usually get in trouble because they bring it to school and do it in class. Why harm your lungs, when you could live longer by eating chocolate cake and exercising drinking water and living life like non-vapers, people that vape are just damaging themselves, why do something that is gross.

  • E cigarettes are the way forward

    No cargegenic materials
    No stained teeth or finger
    No decolourisation of walls or ceilings
    No horrible smells
    Benefits... As above including...No coughs. Phlegm and sense of smell and taste becomes more acute.
    And finally... A lot cheaper so the taxes at the moment are a lot lot less.
    Hi ....Its all about the money
    Love to all Ashley

  • I think it is outrageous that people think e cigs should be banned

    I think anyone over 12 should be able to vape as long as there is no nicotine or harmful products.
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  • E-Cigs are cheaper and in the smoking world, practical.

    Statistics show that e cigarettes are generally cheaper than normal cigarettes. This is because while the device may be expensive at hand, going as low as $25 and as high as $75-$100, you buy the device once and refills are only $5. Cigarettes are around $7 a pack, and people tend to down boxes and boxes on end. After looking into it, the annual price ratio to smoke and to vape have a 50% difference in price. You simply charge the e cigarette and you can do it all over at no extra cost. E cigarettes are practical and cheaper. The fight to end smoking has gotten nowhere, the world simply uses e cigarettes to at least help modify it. With all this said, e cigarettes should NOT be banned.

  • Vapes should not be banned

    Smoking is a major problem for kids, I think 16 year old's should be able to buy e-cigs because it will lower the rate of kids smoking cigarettes. Bans on e-cigs to minors increase recent use of cigarettes among 12 to 17 year old's by 0.9%. The 0.9% is significant, because in the 8 years before the ban went into effect, adolescent smoking rates were dropping by 1.3% every 2 years. E-cigs (vapes) are not nearly as harmful as traditional cigarettes are. E-cigs entered the market in 2007, policy makers have been trying to figure out how to regulate them. E-cigs are not harmless, but far less harmful than conventional cigarettes. Many people have died and got cancer from cigarettes but no ones gotten cancer or died from vapes. Lowering the age to purchase e-cigs from 18 to 16 and not banning them all together may help prevent cigarette smoking. The government should NOT ban e-cigs, or kids will start smoking more and there will be more health problems for kids that will be our future.

  • E-cigs can help

    E-cigs can help us stop the cigarette smokers because cigarette have 4,000 to 7,000 harmful chemicals and cigarettes have 43 chemicals that can cause cancer. People can get sick off of cigarettes, The bud of the cigarettes there all over the world and that's bad because that is not helping the earth

  • Vapers Woke Up, the Zealots Did Not Wake Up

    The anti-nicotine zealots are the ones that need to wake up. We know what we inhale isn't 100% safe or healthy but we have the right to take the risk if we want harm reduction. The propaganda about the teen vaping is infringing on adults. Teens shouldn't use hard recre

  • It is used for smoking withdrawal

    If someone is trying so hard to withdraw his smoking addiction, he or she can just go in a slow process which is vaping can help. It proves in the study that most of smoking addict try anything to prevent themselves from smoking and it spent years but when they started vaping, with just within months they already stopped.

  • Some have nicotine but it is not tobacco

    I was never a regular smoker but would once in a while smoke a stogie. I liked the body of smoke but hate the smell. I started vaping mainly for CBD but moved to nic and nic-free juices. I no longer desire smoking and I vape 2mg nic juices which is less than a ultralight cigarettes.
    The bases in e liquid are in the food we eat. Vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol are used in ice cream, baked goods, soda, candy etc. The propylene glycol in e liquids is food grade and not the type used in antifreeze. One thing I'll mention is propylene glycol in e liquid may break down into harmful chemicals if over heated from high volts. However, though propylene glycol in our food is not exactly heated, our bodies still break it down into those same harmful chemicals.
    Critics say vaping is a useless for cessation citing duel use. If dual users cut down on cigarettes due to vaping, I say that is an accomplishment. What they overlook is cig duel use with patch/gum, often combined. People have died from combining cigarettes and patches/gum. Patches and gum also have high failure rates well outnumbering success rates.
    Nicotine hasn't been a proven carcinogen. The main carcinogens in tobacco are nitrosamines. Tobacco naturally has nitrates which oxidize into nitrites then into nitrosamines from curing. So even nicotine free tobacco would still be chock full of carcinogens. Those same chemicals are used in meat processing to limit microbial growth to nearly impossible. I think I'd rather eat nitrate cured meat knowing microbial growth(and botulism) is nearly impossible and deal with cancer later.

  • People will smuggle

    If you ban them, people will smuggle them in from all over the world and it'll make them more dangerous. So why ban them if people will just keep doing it? It helps people stop smoking, it keeps kids away from the real thing, people are okay with their kids doing it.

  • E-cigarettes Are better than what adults are smoking.

    Kids should be able to use e-cigarettes since they are less harmful and will keep them away from real tobacco even though some of the risks are dangerous we take that risk. E-cigarettes are used for people who have been smokers for years before and has helped why not let our children use because they wont have to deal with what people before cigarette regulation had to so why not kick cigarettes overall and keep some things regulated like use of unregulated mods and I understand toddlers shouldn't be around them but why treat teenagers the same when they are smoked around the most.
    We should keep idiots away from vaping, only a few mess ups from people who didn't understand the simple rules of vaping and the rules of battery safety.

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