• They are dangerous.

    Yes, the government should ban lithium ion batteries in electric vehicles, because there are all kinds of problems with them. The batteries are known to explode, and to leak. They cause all kinds of environmental problems, and the environmentalists just look the other way. They should be banned until they are safe.

  • No they shouldn't.

    I am not an expert on lithium ion batteries in electric vehicles but I know of no reason that they should be banned. If we ban those, then we should ban oil. Fossil fuels create much more damage to the environment then those batteries could. They just need to be disposed of properly.

  • No, consumers deserve their choice

    Lithium battery technology should not be banned in electric automobiles. Consumers deserve to make their own choices in a capitalist, free market system. Concerns over the safety of these batteries can be addressed by improving the technology, its manufacturing process and regulation. The elimination of consumer choice with this new technology is going overboard.

  • Government should not band lithium ion batteries in electric vehicles

    Government should not band lithium ion batteries in electric vehicles. Even though ion lithium batteries are not safe for the environment, they are better than vehicles using gas, which I believe do a lot more damage to the environment. Electric vehicles have come a long way and are still in the development process to get more mileage and better battery technology aimed at improving efficiency.

  • Not hat bad

    No, I do not think that they should ban this type of batteries that are put in electric vehicles, because they are not doing a whole lot of bad things for the people or the envirenment. They are quite efficient, and why do we need to change something that works.

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