Should the government be able to censor the internet?

  • Of course yes!

    The people should be protected from bad sites that can be harmful. Also the government can protect Spam mail sites and virus programs. The government might use the power in bad ways, But the government can use the power to help people. That is why the government should be able to censor the Internet, You people.

  • The Government is there to keep us safe!

    The amount of children are using online sights, And going on devices has increased so much over the past few years. Technology is a part of our everyday lives now! But there are many inappropriate or unsafe things online. But it is possible to prevent children from going on inappropriate sites by the Government censoring the internet. Also, There may be illegal stuff, And that shouldn't even be there any way! The Government is there to keep us safe from all of this!

  • The Government are there to keep us safe!

    The amount of children are using online sights, And going on devices has increased so much over the past few years. Technology is a part of our everyday lives now! But there are many inappropriate or unsafe things online. But it is possible to prevent children from going on inappropriate sites by the Government censoring the internet. Also, There may be illegal things, That shouldn't be there anyway. The Government are there to keep us safe from all these things!

  • The government could use this to protect many.

    Just think that if the government can prevent people from finding out how to make bombs, who they could protect, thats right everybody. They could censor out weaknesses in our defenses (if there are any). So in overall, not many people see it but, having censorship may not be so bad

  • It should it needs to

    Yes the government needs to censor the internet. The internet is one of the fastest growing tool. And anyone can have access and can post either good or bad things. And if government does censor or can reduce the chance of people seeing wrong thing from the internet. Thank u

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  • Terrorist Organizations and Government Security Leaks

    The internet is a very free place that anyone can use to speak their mind, but what about national security threats? The leaking of Government information through the Web is no bueno, not just because it can hurt the government, but possibly the people themselves. The internet could also be a host to start up terrorist organizations or other groups that wish to assault the country, and I don't want that kind of thing to start up on the Web.

  • Yes they should have some power

    Yes the government should be able to censor the internet if it needs to. The internet should not be viewed as a place where laws of a nation are forgotten. If material is found to be breaking a law and would be censored offline then it should be censored online too.

  • The internet should be a free global market to exchange ideas.

    I don’t think the government should be able to censor the
    internet. I think they should only be
    able to censor child pornography and track down and prosecute the people who
    create and distribute it. The internet
    should be free of all limitations and restrictions. I believe it should also be free.

  • Ofc they should

    Would you want your child to view all these porn sites on the internet? There are many things on the internet that there shouldn’t be. Little kids use the internet every day, And they shouldn’t be able to see more than half of the things out there. . . . .

  • Of course not.

    Many principles relate to freedom of expression
    Technology allow new ways for people to express their freedom
    Protecting that freedom means protecting not only informations from books or newspapers but also from tv or computer(internet)
    Ex: spams also relate to the point of view for people
    Censorship is what's being advocated and changed making people angry
    Everyone can have different point of view but government only do what they want and censor the internet and it should change

  • We need freedom!

    NO! It's a ridiculous idea. The internet is one of the greatest things ever invented (apart from banana bread of course)! The internet allows us to do many things, And we just need to know the good from the bad! Moreover, Any website that tells you how to make a bomb or how to kill people or genrally do things dtrimental to society is blocked anyways! Besides, Did anyone think about the fact that they wouldn't even be able to post anything here if the internet WAS banned?

  • Its our right?

    Uh if you think the internet should be censored, it could actually been seen as the exact same time we censored books, restriction of freedom of speech and we could have a huge political battle and most likely lose, then we have net neutrality and a crappy internet to go with it

  • Keep the internet free

    Freedom of speech is in the constitution for a reason. If the government can censor whatever it deems 'censorable' we'll be getting a political battle rather than a lawful one. The goverment will censor opposing opinions to get themselves re-elected. Keeping the internet as free as can be is the right way to go.

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  • Communication is one of the best way to solve problems.

    Lets say two countries are fighting. So both countries block and delete information about the problem in the internet. The people won't know. This is not right. The people should be allowed to communicate with the opposite country to know what is going on, and communicate with the other country to solve the problem. Ignoring, blocking, and deleting the information will only make it worse.

  • The governments purpose in censoring the internet is to hide the truth.

    The government's words about very nearly anything can be trusted about as far as you can throw a tractor trailer. Now you can find the truth. Literally hundreds of thousands of people put the truth on the internet. Since almost every single word from the government, every department and every party is a total lie, they have to put a stop to the truth. This is no exaggeration. They already control print and television. It is likely that they will censor the internet in spite of anything we do. They have never paid much attention to the constitution, except to work around it. Just stand back and look at what you already know. The trick now is when they trample the constitution like they usually do, for us to find a new way to get the truth past them. I am not that technically savvy but I hope one of you is. Get the word out. Remember all governments are evil. Some are just worse than others. They don't care about porn. That's just their excuse. Good luck.

  • TOO much wasted time and money

    Do you know how nig the internet is, you are just gunna waste a bunch of time and money that could have gone to way better causes. It would take away freedom of speech, freedom of press and not only that, it would be like hiding information from you. Idek...

  • Thats not the right action

    Sure the internet may have bad content or give ability to do crime, but censoring it is not the right action to take. Monitoring it, or finding another way to stop criminals without prohibiting services to the innocent would be much better. Obviously, this has been tried before and hasn't made big enough impacts. I know that, but censoring the internet is a step we should NOT take. Not only would it put all of america at a disadvantage– it would go against our first amendment.

  • No to the Great Firewall of China

    The government does not own the internet, who are they to decide how we get to express ourselves anyway? As a Canadian I am glad to say I have the right to express myself freely in real life, why should that be taken away on the internet? Not to mention, people always find a way to get around these things. I am a student in high school and quite a few of the websites I use (Such as Steam and MSPARP) are censored by the school board, yet I still get around it and onto these sites, it's not that difficult. Perhaps things like certain websites should be MONITORED, to catch criminals and try to make things a little safer for everyone, (The internet can be an intimidating and dangerous place if you don't know how to use it well) but I for one don't want my basic human rights violated.

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