• Double Jeopardy should not happen.

    The government should absolutely be able to re-try O.J. Simpson. If ever a crime has taken place and new evidence is uncovered, double jeopardy should not exist and a person should be re-tried. If it is overwhelming evidence, it is ridiculous to think that a crime can go unpunished simply because of a backwards law.

  • O.J. should be tried again

    O.J. Simpson was let off the hook due to lack of evidence in the past. However, I believe that now that new evidence has been discovered, he should be retried. His case is so famous because he got let off the hook despite the evidence against him. It simply wasn't enough to "prove" him guilty, but definitely enough to lean that direction. The knife that has been found might be the final clue to convict a guilty man. So, should he be re-tried? Definitely. If he's found innocent, good for him. If not, then we've succeeded in putting a criminal behind bars.

  • No simpson is be all innocent

    Dubble jeopaerdy againsyt law o.J Sampson was found innocent becuse he no do nything rong. Thy no fined enugh evidentce to konvict o.J uf murdrer abcdefg let oj free please if you don't then I will scream scream so hard you'll eat ice cream now I know my abc's let oj free please

  • Let's Not Change the Law

    It was bad enough when Bill Cosby's wife was forced to testify against him, therefore changing a presidence that no spouse can be forced to testify against their spouse in a court of law. But we can't go there when it come to OJ Simpson by committing double jeopardy. In doing this we will be saying that anyone who has been found not guilty of a crime can be retried. No matter what the evidence is we can't do that because it would be like opening Pandora's box, not a good idea.

  • O.J. Simpson should not be re-tried for murder

    O.J. Simpson should not be tried again for the same murders. The principle of double jeopardy, or not being tried twice for the same crime, should apply in all cases. Although additional evidence was apparently found that may point to his guild, there is an overriding objective. The government
    should not be allowed to keep trying an individual for the same crime since the power can be abused.

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