Should the government be allowed to control a woman's ability to obtain an abortion?

  • They definitely have a right.

    The government is made to support human rights. The rights in the constitution, the rights everybody has fought for. A women can do with her body whatever she pleases but as soon as her fetus becomes a baby, she has no right over whether it should live or die. It is no her right to control what another human does. WITH THAT SAID, when it comes to her life or the baby's life, I think the woman should be able to chose to risk her life or to risk her baby's life.

  • The government allows women the choice.

    The government sure does give women the choice to control there bodies but allowing abortion is giving the government the control of un-born babies bodies and women the power to kill their children because they were not smart with using forms of birth control. Abortion eliminates the legal rights of the um-born children.

  • Yes and no.

    I think the government should play a role in if the women is able to get an abortion or not but not be the sole and leading factor in making the decision. I think that the people of the country need to be allowed to vote on the matter because it affects everyone.

  • Yes, right to life.

    Yes, the government should be allowed to control a woman's ability to obtain an abortion, because another person has a right to live their life. The right to life is in the constitution. The right to murder your unborn child is not. The right to life has to trump a woman's so-called right to privacy.

  • Yes, the government should be allowed to control whether or not a woman gets an abortion.

    I believe that government should be allowed to control a woman's ability to obtain an abortion, especially for women under the age of 18. Abortion is murder and too often used because a woman was careless about birth control. The government should be able to take whatever steps necessary to stop this murder.

  • Abortions Are Obviously Wrong

    If you have an abortion, the child will not be alive. Otherwise, it would of existed. It doesn't matter when it is aborted. If it is aborted, the outcome is the same. Once you make a decision to have sex, the consequences follow. You should be in a position where your partner can help support the child. If you aren't close enough to him to let him help you raise a child, then why would you let him inside of your body? Your decision was to have sex. You know the possible outcome of sex. Your sex was mutual (if you were raped or it was incest, this is different; I can sympathize with you, yet I still don't agree with abortion). You argue about 'women have less rights then men'. You both chose to have sex.

    The aborted child would have eventually been a person that would hold on to there right to live.
    Yet they cannot speak yet. And there are over 1.5 million American families waiting in line to adopt right now. You are able to defend your own rights and use your own tongue, because you were not aborted. You got to live. Who's defending their rights?

  • The government should not be involved

    It is a woman's body. It is a woman's choice. It is up to the woman to make decisions that impact her own life. Many circumstances can be the result of why a woman might want to have a child and the government shouldn't have the right to control that!

  • My Personal Opinion

    There are many reasons why a woman will get an abortion and it should be the woman to choose what she does with her body. It is her body so her say. No man has the right to tell a woman what they should do with their bodies. It is not the governments body.

  • It's her body

    The government shouldn't have any say in what any person should or should not do with their body because it is /THEIR/ body, not the governments. While there are cases of women getting late term abortions or just using abortion as birth control, most women only get abortions if they have been raped, subjected to incest, are too young, or simply cannot care for a baby or pay for the medical bills of giving birth. There are also cases where the mother AND child would die from the mother going through with her pregnancy, so you have to ask yourself the question: Are you willing to die along with this sac of cells living in your body, or would you rather cease the pregnancy in order to save your life and adopt or foster a child who needs you? Yes, there are many families in the US that are looking for newborn babies that are born here, but there are so many children and even teens who need loving homes that never get chosen because of the babies.
    Adoption aside, a woman's body is her body and only her body; no one should /ever/ think they have the right to decide what she can do with it.

  • The government shouldn't be involved

    It's a woman right to do whatever to her body, the government should never talk about abortion because it's none of their business, its not your body , it's someone else, we have laws that protect woman from the government. I don't even know why government is involved, it's kind of stupid.

  • Not at the federal level

    The role of the federal government is to preserve the liberty of people. In a just society, murdering, lying, and stealing are unacceptable. This power should fall to the states. While I am personally against abortion, I believe that this is an issue that the federal government does not have authority over.

    I am torn between the rights of women and the rights of the unborn child. They used to think that any child born before 24 weeks was unviable. Now 22 week old babies can survive. Fetuses are not inanimate objects inside the womb. They are developing creatures. Women who either do not have the means or do not want to raise children should not be forced to do this. At the same time, these women need to be especially responsible to not get pregnant. Legal abortions are not a reason to be irresponsible.

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  • They have no right

    They have no right over a womens body and they shouldn't be able to say that they can't do as they please. If the woman doesn't want the baby it's her body her choice. Government shouldn't be allowed to decide whether it's ok or not. They aren't going to be the ones pregnant anyway

  • As a feminist...

    Abortion is more wrong morally than lawfully. The mother AND father should have an equal say in regards to their child. The government, media, politics, and society shouldn't scorn a woman for having an abortion, yet no one should encourage it either. The answer for me personally is NO, but there are many circumstances to this topic and every person has different perspectives.

  • As a feminist...

    No the government should not have control over a woman in regards to abortion. Yes, abortion is wrong morally more than lawfully however the mother and father of the child should have the right to make the final decision of whether to abort their child or not. There are many circumstances towards this topic, but the government, society, or politics in general should have no say in what happens to another persons child.

  • The federal government should not

    I dont believe that the federal government should decide for everyone what is right. If that power resided in the states, I feel the public would get their opinions out much better, and would be able to decide from there what is best for that particular state. Maybe then we can see just how much of the national believes in abortion.

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