Should the government be helping the poor or should that be the job of churches and fundraiser organizations?

Asked by: jaksunmadness
  • It's Called Survival

    It goes against nature otherwise making us disregard our species (civilization) instead of ensuring its survival and lifting it higher. My ancestors put the many above themselves. Everyone had potential; even those with disabilities, birth defects, or health issues. On the other hand, outright laziness and manipulation might get you killed or severely injured. A country is only a piece of land with a loud voice and useless people if it does not act as a whole. In turn, part of that help is to find out how they can contribute back so they also have a purpose. Anyhow, both the middle class and the rich depend on this same welfare to exist, whether it is entitlement or the ability for Wal-Mart to pay below poverty minimum wage because the government takes up the slack. Everybody would suffer if it wasn't for the government projects.

  • The government is the one who should be helping the poor.

    Of course it is their job to do so. We pay taxes- rich or poor, no exception. In return, we should benefit from the taxes that we paid. The government should be able to allocate their revenues for distribution to lower entity such as church for example. So basically, church and government go hand in hand. The government is the provider and the church is the 'doer.' Whichever the case, government still the one who provide money to compensate the needs of the poor.

  • It should be the jobs of churches, fundraisers, organizations, and charities

    Government's role is not to help the poor. That role is for the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, etc. Welfare, as this is called, just gives people free stuff instead of helping them find a job. One who is unemployed will earn the same as one is employed. This will hurt our economy. Charities have a more precise and humble way of giving to the needy. Also, throughout history, concerning the poor, government has done nothing but raise the poverty level.

  • It's up to the churches

    I think it should be up to individuals and churches. Entitlement spending is a major cause for the current deficit. I think individuals also do a better job of helping poor people than government officials, since governments are often loaded with bureaucracy. The government has trouble saying no to itself, and should stick with protecting people's rights, rather than trying to manage rights.

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