Should the Government Be Involved in Patients' End-of-Life Decision-Making?

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  • Government should not be involved.

    The government involves themselves in too many things already and they should not be involved in patients end of life decision making. When the patient wants to end their life should be up to them and their family, the government has no right to involve themselves and should stay out of it.

  • Individual Rights Need to be Upheld

    Patients and their families should be involved in end-of-life decisions, not the government and not the court system. A recent case in California with a 13-year-old essentially brain dead after a tonsillectomy gone horribly wrong, highlight the struggles families have with laws that unnecessarily burden families with complicated decisions. The will of the child's mother is being overridden by an invasive law that goes too far in usurping the mother's authority over her child's health.

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