Should the government be less involved in disaster relief?

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  • Disaster relief is absolutely necessary.

    I think the government should be more involved when it comes to disaster relief. As a life-long resident of Joplin, Mo. I have seen first-hand how absolutely necessary the government is when it comes to disasters. People who received FEMA assistance were able to get their lives back on track much faster than they would have without it. The city, in general, was able to speed up the restoration process much faster than if it had just been up to it on its own.

  • The government should take a larger roll in disaster relief.

    With the amount of damage a storm can do and the costs of repair, people need to know that the government, that they are paying taxes too, is looking out for their well being. The government has a responsibility to help the citizens get a very descent quality of life as the governing body. We are not a country of individuals that are individually self-sufficient we are a community and during disasters we need the government to unite us as a whole and protect us as a whole.

  • They Should Be More Involved

    I believe that the government should be more involved when it comes to disaster relief. If people cannot count on the government when disaster strikes then there is a problem. It amazes me how long it takes the government to react when a specific area is hot with an unexpected disaster.

  • No

    Government is there to perform operations on such a huge scale that they require a massive pool of resources. Many of the storms and other disasters cause such catastrophic damage that these government funds are the only feasible means by which the damage can be repaired in a realistic fashion.

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