Should the government be prevented from implementing backdoors in software and hardware?

  • Government has no right to interfere with free enterprise

    The world is filling up with fear and paranoia. Those feelings are now translating to an overreaction on the part of people expecting the government to protect us from everything. They won't investigate or take the time to hunt down identity theft but now someone wants them all up in peoples' business. They should focus on things they can control, rather than creating more ways they can control, spy and manipulate other things.

  • Backdoor entrances are vulnerable.

    I understand that these back doors are being implemented into software and hardware as an alternate option, but it should not be necessary. Implementing these back doors into software and hardware creates so much vulnerability for attacks and unwanted visitors. I believe that they should no longer be implemented in.

  • Yes, the government should be prevented from installing backdoors on software and hardware.

    It is staggering the level of surveillance and power the government has created with limited push back from the people. The right to privacy is one which has been entrenched and yet is now encroached upon so fully. It is against the law for peeping toms to operate, but the government can maintain access to video and telephone surveillance for the "greater good."

  • The government should not be blocked from requiring "backdoor" access to software.

    The government should not be blocked from requiring "backdoor" access to software. It a fact of life that in today's world the government can demonstrate a compelling interest in being able to read and access communications from subjects of interest. The ability to access encrypted data, subject to a valid court order, is needed maintain the U.S.'s security and safety.

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