Should the government be required to take care of its people?

  • Yes, the government should take care of its people to an extent.

    An organized government should take care of its people by distributing health care services, offering protection, offering education and creating a sound infrastructure. Smaller governments, such as state and city governments, should be given even more control as they can directly see local needs. As long as entities are available to keep governments in check, they should be allowed to perform these services using the pooled tax dollars of the people.

  • Yes, that is the purpose of a government.

    One of the main purposes of a government is to provide structure to the country and care to the citizens. The government needs to have systems set up to take care of those who are unable to take care of themselves, such as orphans, the disabled, elderly people and the poor. If a government is unable to take care of its people then it is not much of a government.

  • Governments should take care of the people.

    Governments should take care of the less fortunate people in their countries. In the wealthiest countries in the world, there is no excuse for people to go hungry. Every government should do everything in its means to ensure all the people of the country have a high quality of life.

  • No, the government should not 'take care' of its people.

    On the surface, government caring for its people may seem like a very good idea. However, when a government 'takes care' of all the needs of its citizens, the people end up giving away their individual freedoms. The end result is a government that makes personal decisions for its citizens without their control.

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