Should the government be responsible for insuring that everyone who wants to work has a job?

  • Yes! It is only right!

    Everyone who wants a job should have one. How else can someone support themselves or their families? People are on the streets because they don't have a job. They end up having to go to a homeless shelter. This is the whole reason for the unemployment office. They help people find a job in their area as fast as possible. There!

  • Absolutely Not At All

    It's not a question of 'should,' but one of 'could.' The government cannot possibly afford to pay for everyone who wants to work. It's not economically feasible. Where would the money be coming from? There are a finite number of taxpayers, far less than the amount required to give everybody who wants a job one.

  • I say No and Yes for this.

    The government should ensure that people that want a job and have chance at one. The individual that would like a job is completely responsible for locating the job of his preference. The government can not be in charge of every single one of the citizens dilemmas. They are more responsible for events that could detriment the well being of the country.

  • Not a chance

    The govt. Should absolutely not be responsible for this. If we give them this what will they ask for in return and isn't this socialism. If the state takes over employing its citizens what happens to free market economy. This is the dumbest idea ever conceived. Who would think of this?

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