Should the government be spending so much money on destroying valuable military vehicles?

  • Destroying Military Vehicles the best option

    In an uncertain political climate, destroying military vehicles is the best option. The government has tried giving weapons and vehicles to smaller governments in the past to promote democracy and alliances, but that choice has often backfired, leaving the military with better armed enemies in war. Until the political climate can be smoothed out, destorying the vehicles is the best way to protect our military power.

  • Its no longer your Equipment:

    Your fancy military equipment has fallen into enemy hands, there not going to give it back. Do you propose risking lives to recapture theses vehicles?

    If you ignore these vehicles, the enemy will continue to have an advantage/be on equal terms as the Iraqi Government and other forces fighting the ground war in Iraq/Syria.

    So long as these vehicles remain, it would pose a risk, in the event US Ground forces are sent in. Not just in the quality of the vehicles but the possibility of friendly fire, from all the nation taking part in air strikes.

    You can complain all you like about how much this equipment costs but it won't make a difference, it belongs to the enemy now, whether its destroyed or being actively used by them its lost to you now, same with the money spent on making/moving the vehicles.

  • Leave nothing behind

    Since the forces of the Islamic State have been using military hardware captured after being left behind by the U.S., it only makes sense for the U.S. to destroy any hardware that it is not going to bring home. In a lot of cases it is cheaper to destroy it than to transport it back to the U.S. The numbers may be big and ugly, but the cost of another military action is even higher. It never makes sense to arm or equip your own enemy. The money is well spent.

  • No, the government shouldn't be spending money to destroy what they spent too much to create.

    No, the government should not be spending so much money on destroying valuable military vehicles. Although defense is important, even with the budget cuts made by President Obama, our country spends far too much money on defense and the military. There is an insane amount of waste that goes on in the armed forces. Vehicles and machines that cost tens of millions of dollars to make are routinely destroyed, never even put into use, or scrapped altogether. If the military had a tighter budget, I believe they could get just as much accomplished, but with a lot less waste.

  • Why destroy something created?

    No, the government should not be spending so much money on destroying valuable military vehicles, because we might not know when we need to use them later. Military vehicles are already in existence. We do not need to maintain them, but it costs our precious time and resources to spend our energy destroying them. There are better things that we can do

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