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  • No, They are not allowed to do it.

    As we know that government works for the people. People have faith on our government only in the case they should allow people to share their views. Only via internet there is no speed network to pass the information faster to the government. Internet allows us to share our views regarding problems faced by the governments.

  • NO

    No, the government should not censor the internet. I feel like it's covered by the same thing that covers freedom of speech (the bill of rights). Besides this, how could the government do that anyway? The internet is so big and widely used I wonder how the government could possibly monitor all that.

  • No,terrible idea

    NO. If they did that would and should be a violation of the 1st amendment. We would no longer the huge information powers we have and the Government would be more totalitarian everyday. The government is not like Midas, if they put their hands on the internet, we lose our freedom, and everything turns to a pile of crap.

  • No,don't give them that right.

    NO! NO! NO! A THOUSAND TIMES NO! The last thing we need is for big corporations to have the ability to shut down a web site without even having a court hearing. If this isn't a danger to freedom of speech, I don't know what is.Not unless you think our role models for freedom should be China, Russia, and Syria.

  • No,dont do it!!!

    Absolutely NOT. Once again, some politicians and large corporate interests are trying to control our lives. This country is supposed to be free, but is becoming more like commie Russia and pre-WW2 Germany every day. Will the KGB and the Gestapo be kicking in your door some night because you visited the "wrong" websites? Let the Republicans win in 2012 and we can kiss the rest of our freedoms GOOD-BYE!

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