• Moderation is ultimately needed.

    Although I concur that the government should not censor the media, there should be moderation when it comes to censorship. Too often, extremist or illicit content such as terrorism can make their way into social networking sites, where they can advertise themselves and garner support from the population. To prevent such a scenario happening, the government needs to step in to monitor contents that are published on the Internet. Yes, I know that our civil rights and personal freedom are at stake here, but we must think of the bigger picture: the community.

    It is important that we must uphold social order within the country. If we fail to do our duty right, society as a whole will collapse. Democracy can still be achieved with censorship, we just need to moderate what kind of contents should be censored other than giving "freedom of information".

  • I believe the Government should not censor.

    I believe the Government should not censor the media because their are things that the public needs to see but doesn't get the chance to. Although, they do protect us from things, there is a certain extinct. Plus, the Government may abuse there power like they have in the past.

  • Freedom Of Speech

    1st amendment warrants free speech
    Free speech is a basic human right
    We have free speech and free press, why should it be any different for on the internet?
    Who gets to censor the comments/posts? How do we know they are not biased.
    Social media is a big communication tool in this country. If there is something wrong and the government wants to cover it up?

  • Government has no business interfering with the media.

    The government needs to stop interfering with the media. The media, in this country, is supposed to give neutral news to their audience. With government intervention, the media is unable to provide unbiased information. The government should be less concerned about what everyone is saying and more concerned about focusing on the running of the government. If they ran things honestly, they wouldn't be so concerned with what news was being leaked.

  • No,government should not censor the media.

    Since the media is considered the watchdog of society,then the government has no right to sensor them.Since an efficient democracy needs to constantly watch over those in power,using the media is a good way to achieve that goal.A government that is free to censor can not be said to be a real democracy.

  • No Government Censorship of Media

    In the United States, the government should never censor the media for any reason. The media should be allowed to report on the facts no matter what those facts are, as long as the evidence exists. There's no reason that our government should ever be allowed to censor a media outlet.

  • They Already Are

    I believe the government is already censoring the media, but I think this is very bad. I believe the American people are only given parts and pieces of stories from around the world and very often our sources are biased. I do not believe the media should be censored and I believe they should be able to fact-find and help people blow whistles.

  • Freedom of the Press

    The government shouldn't censor the media except in times of war in order to protect military strategy. In general, the press has freedom to investigate whatever stories they want. The press keeps the government honest. Without the freedom of the press, Watergate wouldn't have happened and Nixon wouldn't have resigned. In no way should the media be censored unless they need to protect military secrets.

  • No, censorship is not a good idea.

    It is true that media seems to have gotten out of hand these days in terms of its raunchiness and coarseness. But it is never a good idea to begin the process of government censorship. That will not have good consequences because it will give the government the right to say what we can see as well as read.

  • Freedom of Press

    We have a free right to listen to what we want. If people don't want to listen to explicit content, they should change the channel. I believe that America is a free country, and one of our freedoms is to listen to music we want to listen to. Music Rights!

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