• Government should censor television

    People who have violent parents, video games, or like to watch horror movies think that that is a way of life. In the columbine shootings at schools the police say that the way the two boys invaded the school was very much like how the video games they played worked. THEY KILLED 12 PEOPLE BECAUSE OF THE VIDEO GAMES THEY PLAYED AND THE TV THEY WATCHED. The government could save lives just by censoring inappropriate or violent t.v.

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  • Television Should Not Be Censored

    I do not think that the government should censor what is on television. If someone does not like what they see they can change the channel. We have freedom of speech in this country and placing whatever someone wants on tv is part of that free speech. The government should not censor anything.

  • No TV regulations should be enforced, as they are currently

    The government has put into place certain rules and regulations for most stations to make sure that they are family friendly, this is enough. Besides, TV stations already do an excellent job of holding up to these regulations... Government needs to stay out of our personal lives. They regulate enough, as it is, now.

  • The government should piss off

    And stay the fuck out of it! People have different ideas about what is OK or not, and it changes over time. So let parents and the TV channels decide for themselves what to show, at any time of the day. Some people just like to be offended, but they should stick their complaints up their arse!

  • It isn't the government's job to decide what should/shouldn't be shown

    People should be given the right to decide for themselves what is moral, tasteful, or entertaining. The government isn't some perfect entity that knows exactly what is 'good' or 'evil'. The government itself is split into different parties that argue over what is correct and what is incorrect. How can we trust them to comply with what every single American wants? Simple. They can't. Different people have different views, many people get offended easily while others never do, there is a lot of diversity in this country. If anyone is upset over something, they can change the channel.

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  • It shouldn't be censored

    It shouldn't be because parents can block channels that they don't want thire kids to see. I think it's better to let kids, above a certain age, the I start getting use to this stuff because it's going to happen at some point in their life might as well let them know about it sooner so they are used to it when they are older.

  • No they should'nt

    People say that its for the children and they should not be exposed to it. Hiding whats out in this world only makes them more curious to find it. Everything that is discriminated and looked down on is hidden from children, they're going to learn about it someday, why keep it from them? I just think that if we stop censoring tv, less people will be shocked to hear an F bomb or etc.

  • Government has no right to censor TV

    I do not believe that the state has any interest whatsoever in censoring the programming that people watch on television. Television shows already have a rating system that gives people an idea of the type of content it contains. Therefore individuals, in their free will, have the power to choose for themselves what shows they want to watch or not watch, and not our government.

  • Not a good idea.

    The Government shouldn't have TV censored because it is an option to watch it. If people don't want their kids to hear certain things on the television, than why let them watch the shows with those certain things? If you don't want your kid to hear it, don't let them watch it!

  • We do not want to become a country based on censorship.

    If we start censoring television, then next we will be censoring reading materials and the internet. Those are the foundations of a communist country. People need to be able to make their own choices, whether good or bad, and accept responsibility for them. Parents should be responsible for monitoring what their children watch and read, and make choices accordingly.

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