Should the government continue to fund Planned Parenthood?

Asked by: LowestStone
  • They need to continue to fund it

    In the media, sex is always shown as this thing that everybody has, and if you don't then you aren't cool. Because of this, sex is so much more common, making pregnancies more common as well. Now many places are anti abortion, so that isn't an options for some either, which means we need to have more contraceptive methods available for all. Why make it harder for them?

  • Yes, But Cut Some Of The Funding

    Abortion is only 3% of Planned Parenthood's activity, and their services reach far beyond abortions, such as cancer screening, prenatal services, adoption referrals, among other much needed services. But cut some of the funding, Planned Parenthood receives a little more than $500 million a year in government funding, which is way too much in my opinion, I don't taxpayer's money should be used to fund a single organization this much. So in short, yes continue funding, not at the current level.

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