Should the government continue to fund welfare?

Asked by: Chrystahist
  • Hypocrites drive me up the wall

    Corporations get welfare and people defend that right? People have kids, they try to find jibs but its tough and if they do the minimum wage is to low and they cant make ends meet. They just want to put food on the table and pay rent. Ive noticed the only people against welfare have never been poor in their life.

  • People need it

    Despite the widely believe stereotype that a majority of welfare recipients milk the system, studies show that most welfare recipients don't use checks to lavishly live life with no work. They use checks to make ends meet. Welfare isn't used as a means of living life; it's a tool to help people who have been knocked down to get back to their feet. This, I think it should continue to be funded by government.

  • My Opinion is.........

    Until you can put a roof over a random man, woman, or child's head you have no say on how people support their family. I am tired of people judging the poor class. The funny part is when you ask them what can they do about it they look at us like we are the stupid ones not everyone can find jobs. No one is perfect so take your words and shove it somewhere

  • We need to support those who cant support themselves

    In Australia today there are 2 million people who rely on government payments to live from day to day. These people include the Aged, Invalids, War Veterans, the sick, families and the unemployed.
    This group of people require the governments help and without it many would struggle to survive. Aged people have worked all their adult lives and deserve to have government support. Disabled and sick people are physically unable to work and therefor need our help.
    Could you stand by and watch people less fortunate then yourself starving on the streets? I believe we need to support those who can’t support themselves we have the recources and the money to fund those in need so why shouldn’t we

  • It already exists!

    Yes, let's all run to Germany, France, or Sweden as fast as we can. We can get student visa's and live in utopia by this time tomorrow! Yippee! Guaranteed benifiits, free health care, we will all be drinking that free bubble up and eating that rainbow stew! Please read The Road to Serfdom, Atlas Shrugged, and Animal farm, that should be a good start on the education you missed in school.

  • Not all people on welfare are lazy

    My mom recieved welfare.
    She was unemployed since she had been layed off by her company.
    She saved, but still needed welfare to run a family.
    She applied for many jobs, but did not get hired.
    She did whatever work for our neighbors she could
    My father then got hit by a car and had to go to the hospital
    Then, my mom was diagnosed with cancer.
    Had she not had the state healthcare program she would not be able to afford medical treatement for herself or my dad
    Had she not recieved welfare, we likely would not have been able to pay for rent and food
    And, let me remind you that she was not lazy.
    She passed away.
    My dad is still in the hospital after 5 years.
    Thank goodness I was adopted.
    Without welfare, we might have been hungry or homeless
    Stop calling all people on welfare lazy.
    They arent.
    Yes, we should crack down on abuse, but why punish the many who work hard, yet still cant get ahead?

  • Safety Net for ALL

    Hard times hit us all, remember the guys with Master's degrees who had to work at McDonalds during the great recession? The biggest costs are Medicaid/Medicare and Social Security. Medicare and Medicaid are for the high medical costs, anyone of us could get sick, looses a job etc. SSi is retirement for the poor, not everyone has great benefits.

  • No. Welfare prompts irresponsibility.

    Children on welfare are the results of their parents irresponsibility. Most adult on welfare are the result of their own irresponsibility. We should not reward the irresponsible. Let's look at some numbers. The poverty threshold for a single person under 65 is US$11670. A person who works for 40hrs a week (single or multiple jobs) at minimum wage will have an annual income of $15080, well above the poverty line.

    To be parents need to make sure they can support their child (emotionally and financially) before they have kids.

    People in general needs to live within their means.

  • End at Federal level

    The federal government has no constitutional authority for transfer payments. Let states tax and distribute welfare at their discretion with citizens voting with their feet.

    Citizens that disagree with federal level laws are left with no options other than expatriation. The states were intended to exercise most governmental policies, let the American Constitution work.

  • Culture of dependence

    Welfare fosters a culture of dependence for those who would normally be working low-end jobs. Take John Q. Unskilled-labor. He can either do some work that is tiring and heavily taxed, or take a guaranteed check every month or so for sitting on his behind and doing nothing, maybe making a show of looking for work.

  • I know this is on the no side, but I think we should take a middle course.

    Our government is already spending enough money as is, and I have witnessed the reverse Kennedy syndrome with many Americans, particularly one woman who had never attempted to get a job, but was screaming at the government to give her food, water, a house, and even furniture. But futurepresident7's argument, as well as the case of all the walmart employees, in which case their employer signs them up for food stamps as part of the hiring process. I think it should be like the organ donor wait list, in which if you are still doing organ-harming things, you can't get on it. It should be similar in of the fact that you should be trying to get a job or going to college or at least something productive with your life.

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Dilara says2015-02-01T00:52:02.467
Only for people who need it. Of you are disabled or can't find a job you should receive welfare but if you choose not to work you should not receive welfare. I don't work 8 hours a day so you can lie around and drink. It's cruel to take money that could be used for actual needy proof and use it to drink and do drugs all day. Welfare should help the needy and not fund the lazy.