• Yes, the government should control America's healthcare.

    The government should control America's health care. Without help from the United States government, there are too many people that are uninsured or under insured. Those that have insurance pay higher premiums to pay for health care costs for those that cannot afford health care. It is no different that the government helping those over 65 or with disabilities that receive Medicare and Medicaid. These people, also, cannot afford health care without help from the government.

  • Yes, I think they should control America 's health care to a certain point.

    I believe the government should have a health insurance program that is run by the government and is available for any American that needs health care coverage. Not all employers provide health care coverage for its employees. This will ensure everyone will have health care coverage. Though Americans should still have the option of private insurance if it is available to them.

  • They already control it.

    The government does control America's health care. While it may not do so directly as other countries do, it still does so. There are standards that medical facilities such as hospitals have to follow, regulations that doctors and pharmacists must comply with. There is total regulation at every single step of the system, even if it's not transparent to the patient.

  • So much for the land of the free.

    No, the government should not control America's health care, because people should be free to make the decisions they want to about their health care. Some people only want to buy catastrophic plans, if they are young and healthy. Some people want a great deal of preventative care. Each person should have the freedom to choose what is best for them.

  • I Really Don't Know

    As of right now, the United States government has instilled a platform for universal health care that hasn't actually covered all of the citizens. Me being one. This new bill actually puts insurance companies in control of health care, in my personal opinion. I do believe the government needs to implement more stringent price controls since that is actually what is wrong with health care system here, but I really don't support them being in full control of it.

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