Should the government control the mass media generally and why ?

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  • Freedom of Press

    As Americans, we have a right to freedom of press. It is not a privilege. Just like Abraham Lincoln said in the Gettysburg Address, this nation was "conceived in Liberty." This means that America was created on freedom, and that we should keep it that way. In order to make change in our society and be involved in our community, people must be informed. We should be able to know the truth about what is going on because changes in our nation could affect our lives. For example, if your child was out late, would you want to know where he/she is?

  • Freedom of press

    Freedom of press is important. This means the government does not get a say in the media. The media always have to be allowed freedom of speech the same as anyone else. This is what makes free countries free. Dictatorships control the media. A free country allows freedom of press.

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