Should the government crack down on spyware and malware?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • No to spyware and malware

    There is no real reason for malware and spyware. If some one did this to a person in a personal in life way ,stealing information. That person would go to jail. Why is it legal to circumvent the laws and use their computers? I some times wonder if the anti virus software companies are behind a lot of this.

  • Government Should Crack Down on Spyware and Malware

    Yes, the government should crack down on spyware and malware as these do nothing for the consumer except to cause issues with their computers. Malware, as its name suggests, is designed to disrupt the consumer's day to day experience, and while spyware is not as malicious, it violates privacy rights.

  • No, the government should not crack down on spyware and malware.

    No, the government should not be involved in limiting spyware and malware. As annoying as malware and spyware can be, I do not want the government putting restrictions on anything that involves the Internet. Once the Government is allowed to restrict malware and spyware, they will move on to other parts of the Internet and they will lead to censorship. I think it should be left up to us, the users of the Internet to crack down on spyware and malware.

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