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  • No, our current laws are enough

    Our current laws protect people from being discriminated against, attacked, or harmed. These laws are strong enough to protect people from anti-Semitic actions. The government cant legislate speech or the way people think. That would be unconstitutional. So our current laws do all that they can within the boundaries of our constitution to protect people.

  • No, I don't think the Government should create more laws to protect citizens against anti-semitism.

    I believe there are already more then enough laws on the books that harshly deal with anyone who tries to harm someone for anti-Semitic reasons, I don't believe there is a pressing reason for more laws and regulations to be introduced at the current time, anti-semitism is a very minor problem in society overall right now.

  • No, not at all.

    There are already enough anti hate laws. Enacting more of them and passing legislation is not going to help anything. People are progressing on their own, and this sort of hate will one day be a thing of the past. We just need to let time heal all wounds, as the saying goes.

  • Not In America

    In American, I do not believe there is any reason for the government to create more laws to protect citizens against anti-semitism. I do not believe there is an outward problem within the United States with this issue and if it is a problem, it must be kept to speech at not physical harm. As far as speech I believe it is important to guard that freedom, so we can't place laws that make it illegal to say some things because you would start a spiral of other comparable laws and eventually it would lead to the loss of the freedom of speech.

  • The government should not try to protect people from ideas

    Anti-semitism, like all kinds of prejudice, is a sad and even dangerous way of thinking. However, it is not the government's responsibility to protect citizens from dangerous thinking. If a person commits a crime out of anti-semitic beliefs, that person should be prosecuted. But people should not be held to account by the government for their beliefs themselves, however terrible the beliefs are.

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