• Working with disability

    I work. I have a disability. I was on welfare for a couple years until I went through school (which I have student loans for) for a career I would be able to do with my disability. I got work and went off welfare. I work my behind off daily and come home hurting and stressed daily. I do this to see about 40% of my earnings taken away - most in taxes, some for health insurance (yes the working class pays dearly for ours) and a retirement plan (we have to save for that because we won’t be able to rely on social security, since our government continually gives our money away). I witness abuse of free healthcare and welfare every single day of my life. It’s depressing. I was brought up if you want something you should work for it. The ER has become a 1 stop shop for non-paying insured recipients. Over 90% of ER visits are for non-emergent issues and by the non-paying insured. I have not been able to try and get pregnant yet because we wouldnt be able to afford it. How is that fair? My God given rights are diminished because I am forced to pay for those who won’t practice restraint, have multiple children from different dads, or “I am disabled and can’t work” but have no problem mowing the lawn or going to a dance club every weekend. I have been told “I love America, you can have many children and not have to work”. Or “I just had lasik surgery. Didn’t cost me a dime with Medicaid”. That would cost me 3k! I was brought up by a single mother with 3children who worked crazy hours to never have to take system aid. It used to be something you strived to not need. Now it’s widely accepted. There are help wanted signs everywhere in my area. So why so many on welfare? Because in this country, you are better off. Those on welfare have better things and cars than I do.. But what they don’t understand is that is what the career politicians want. Keep you happy, keep your votes. Welfare was supposed be a temporary assistance but instead it has become about gaining votes. I should not have to sacrifice my happiness for someone to buy lobster and a custom birthday cake with food stamps then use wad of cash to pay for alcohol and cigs? Yes, it happened in front of me the other day. But maybe I am the stupid one & should quit my job and go back on welfare.. I would have more money, be able to afford a child, and not have to physically hurt daily working with a disability. It’s so mainstream nowadays. Again, I know some need it and I am there for you, but honestly, I witness more that don’t than do. America, thank you for stealing my faith in humanity from me. And even some of my faith in God.

  • Maybe yes, It's better then no

    Unlike most people that might say yes to this debate topic, I grew up on welfare and lived in areas where welfare and other government aids where everywhere. So I've seen it where it was missed use (a lot) and where it was much needed (in most cases those that need it the most can't get it). But the reason I chose yes is because we've got generation of families that don't want to even progress there situations and it's sad. But on the other side you better believe that cutting government aid is going to cause hell for those that do have. When it comes down to it the whole system it's self is messed up.

    Posted by: knu
  • If you are able, then act.

    Do you have two arms and two legs? Do you have a brain? Use them. Mammals are made to work. Those not born with disabilities must have reason, they must have purpose. What is the goal? Living day to day waiting for a paycheck, every day for however many years. Always complaining, always whining, it's never enough. You don't need it in the first place. You wouls make the world a better place by just...

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