Should the government cut welfare support for compulsive gamblers?

  • Gambling involves money or other property.

    Shortage of cash leads to selling your properties just to acquire cash. No property is available to sell to acquire money, the option to owe money from others is there. When people and other institutions deem you incapable of paying the debt, they won't lend you money. No people will lend you money, the option to steal or even to kill to steal is always there for criminal minded men. Compulsive Gamblers are on their way to crimes for they will find a way to supplement their addiction to gambling. Since it would be difficult to track down these compulsive gamblers, as farfetched as this would sound, the government should make a tracking system to do so.

  • Gambling Isn't Wise Use of Money

    Instead of gambling, welfare recipients should get jobs. The government should cut welfare for people who are compulsive gamblers because at that rate, the government should just throw that welfare money up in the air and let God take the money back. Gambling, like doing drugs, is not the way to go when on government assistance. It may be cruel, but the government is all about taking care of citizens rather than perpetuating destructive behavior.

  • Giving compulsive gamblers money to gamble away is a waste of taxpayers dollars.

    Compulsive gambling is a psychological disease that, like any addiction, is not within the control of those afflicted. The only way to help compulsive gamblers is to provide them with psychological services, e.g. Gamblers Anonymous (a 12 step programs like AA). Giving gamblers hard cash is like giving alcoholics hard liquor. Similarly, giving them food stamps which could be sold and converted into cash, gives them an incentive to continue gambling. Just like smoking cessation programs do not involve giving smokers cigarettes, gambling cessation programs should not involve giving gamblers money.

  • The government should not cut welfare support for compulsive gamblers.

    The government should not cut welfare support for compulsive gamblers. There is no way to tell if anyone is a compulsive gambler and it would not be like they would admit to being one. I think people should not be allowed to gamble with welfare money but I do not see how it would be possible to stop it.

  • Probably Not Effective

    The majority of people on assistance programs in the United States receive some form of food supplements (which aren't even cash), child care assistance (which again, isn't cash), and/or rent assistance. Most of the time none of these programs provide cold hard cash to the recipient. I believe it would be pointless to attempt to try to cut gambling addicts out of welfare programs because it would be very difficult to prove someone is a gambling addict, it is also obvious that gambling addicts are not going to receive very many cash benefits that would be useful towards their habits, and thirdly, there probably aren't very many people who even fit into this category.

  • I don't think so.

    A lot of people who are on welfare have issues with addiction, as do those who are not of welfare. I think that they should be given help for their addiction. If someone on welfare is addicted to gambling they still probably don't have much money to spend. They have enough problems to worry about starving as well.

  • They need help

    Gambling is a psychological addiction and the best way to break it would not be to cut their welfare support - something they are probably on because of their addiction - and rather fund opportunities for gambling addicts to address their issues, something like government funded support groups. The same should apply for drug addicts. The government should take responsibility for getting them out of these holes and back into society.

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