Should the government decrease spending to balance the budget?

  • Yes, spending should be decreased.

    Spending should be decreased as a way to try and balance the budget. While there are things that we need and can't do away with, there are plenty of things the government pays for that are completely unnecessary. As an example, the government wasted over half a million dollars on just trying to recruit people to follow them on Facebook and Twitter, according to Tom Coburn. Congress needs to tighten its belt and have more discernment in their spending.

  • Goverment Spending in Excess is killing the U.S!

    Excessive goverment spending is the exact reason why this country is in debt $16,335,975,676,022 at time of this post. They spend money on ridiculous things like funding a chinese study on swine manure, funding the manufacture of a robotic squirell and a study to see how rattlesnakes would react to them, and funding money to throw ridiculous conferences. The goverment needs to use our taxpayer money wisely, create more stringent qualifications for government financial assistance, and review and approve to find projects that would HELP our economy, and not those which are based off of ridiculous "needless" information which will not offer any economical return.

  • Yes

    It should do that for sure. The spending is out of control and we need to get our debt under control. The quickest way to do that is to not spend money on frivolous things. There are so many governmental programs and workers that make and spend way to much money.

  • Yes, Government Should Decrease Spending to Balance the Budget

    The very first thing a person must do to balance their budget is cut down on the amount of money they are currently spending. The government needs to to the exact same thing to balance the budget of the nation. First, they should seek to cut out areas of gross unnecessary spending, such as the costly war we should have never entered into in the first place. Then, they should shave off as much money as they can from projects that have no strong bearing on the daily quality of life of its citizens.

  • Yes, the government should decrease spending.

    The government needs to balance the budget. In order to do that, they are going to have to reduce spending. The first thing to go should be free medical for life for members of Congress. They should go on Medicare just like the rest of the retired population, and they should have to pay their share!

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