Should the government develop means to protect families from abuses by CPS?

Asked by: Fanny
  • Safeguards are neccessary

    Every time CPS gets a get in foster care, they get thousands of dollars. It's a for profit business. The caseworkers don't care, the supervisers that make all of the final decisions don't show up in court, CPS often uses double jeaprady to use past cases that were resolved as leverage for current cases which they have nothing to go on in. Meanwhile, while the caseworker is at court because CPS is bullshitting around, one of the kids on her case load is being neglected, abused, and actually hurt. CPS says that cases where their is chance of serious threat to the child getting the most work, but what ends up happening is that it takes forever to reunite a family that loves and cares for the child, and since it takes this amount of time, the kid is losing his childhood and screwing up his academic career. CPS uses fascist tactics. They take advantage of judges who have a lot of cases and can't remember from one hearing to the next. CPS needs to be given the equivalent of a full audit. How do I know all of this? Personal experience. An ongoing CPS case is ripping me from my family because of sexual allegations that were dealt with 2 years ago.

  • No. In my experience it works.

    I am employed in a mental health clinic that works with low income families. Several times we've had to work with CPS when evidence surfaces that there may be abuse or neglect in the home. If anything, CPS doesn't do enough. Often times they will work with the parents on action plans to improve the situation, the courts might be involved several times, and parents are always given several chances to fix things. Only in extreme cases are children ever removed from the home, and even then the parents always have legal options to get them back. Due to budget shortages and lack of good foster homes, CPS is very reluctant to remove children unless absolutely necessary.

    Granted, this is how it's working in my state. Other states may have different policies and procedures, and may even have abuse. But from what I've witnessed, the system works as intended.

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gordonjames says2013-06-24T11:40:00.233
Does CPS refer to Child Protective Services?
Fanny says2013-06-24T17:05:35.453