• They should disclose more

    I think that we should have more information about what the government is doing so that we can be more informed. I want to know if the Senate has a filibuster, who was the one that requested it. I want to know when they are accessing my data through the NSA program.

  • Yes, more information is good.

    The government tends to withhold a lot of information from the general public, leading to things like information leaks that decrease people's trust in the government and creates controversy, such as the Snowden leaks. If the government was more open, then these controversies and conspiracies would be less likely to exist.

  • We the people.

    Yes, the government should disclose more information, because it is important that we know what our government is doing. The government should be afraid of the people; not the other way around. We have a right to know what the government does, because their activities affect us and how we live.

  • We Need More

    I believe the United States government should disclose more information. As a United States citizen, I have tons of unanswered questions that I feel should be answered. The government has been hiding information for far to long. Obama promised more information but ended up making it even more difficult to obtain, if not impossible.

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