Should the government do more to protect seniors from financial exploitation?

  • The US government should do more to protect senior citizens from financial exploitation.

    The United States government needs to do more to protect the growing population of senior citizens from financial exploitation. One way would be to make all crimes exploiting seniors a federal crime with harsh penalties, starting with mandatory prison time and civil forfeitures of property. There also needs to be more financial education given senior BEFORE they retire.

  • Seniors Need Our Help

    Seniors are an extremely vulnerable demographic. As such, they are often the target of financial exploitation and scams. As people age, their memory, comprehension, and judgment become impaired. Caregivers, telemarketers, and even strangers knocking at their doors can convince them to hand over private information, write a check, or give them access to personal financial data they should not have. The government has an obligation to protect these citizens.

  • Yes the goverment should do more

    The seniors are vulnerable to financial exploitation because of many reasons which includes,their age and abilities for example the ability to perform certain tasks and their mental abilities to decide what is right for them and what is not and makes them prey to fraudsters and others who wish to take advantage of the seniors.

  • Reduce Overall Government Involvement

    The government should not be in charge of micromanaging our lives. They should not have the power to do so. Their role is in building and supporting infrastructure, and defense. Protecting seniors from exploitation should fall under the job of the local government if the people vote to have it in a fair election. It is not the role of the gov. to manage our lives at such a personal level.

  • Government Already Does TOO Much

    The government is already too involved in our lives. Lack of government intervention in the economy and people's lives made this country great. Now this country is declining as the government tries to regulate everything. It is unfortunately that some people lose out, but the government needs to be reigned in, not expanded.

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